Top 10 Baseball Distractions

October 25, 2010 | Glenn Clark

Honorable Mention: College Soccer-Vermont @ UMBC (Wednesday 7pm UMBC Stadium); Siena @ Loyola (Friday 7pm Ridley Athletic Complex), Marist @ Loyola (Sunday 1pm Ridley Athletic Complex); Mixed Martial Arts: Bellator Fighting Championships 34 (Thursday 8pm from Hollywood, FL live on Fox Sports Net)

10. Yonder Mountain String Band and Mike Doughty (Saturday 8pm Rams Head Live), Rebelution (Saturday 8pm Recher Theatre), Pietasters (Saturday 8pm 8×10 Club), Parachute (Saturday 1pm Rams Head On Stage), Social Distortion (Tuesday 8pm 9:30 Club), Robert Randolph & The Family Band (Friday & Saturday 9pm 9:30 Club), Anberlin/Crash Kings (Sunday 6pm 9:30 Club) Andrew WK (Wednesday 8pm Bourbon Street), Styx (Friday 8pm Hippodrome, Wednesday 7pm Warner Theatre), Goo Goo Dolls (Friday 8pm Reitz Arena), Norm MacDonald (Thursday-Sunday DC Improv)

I missed Robert Randolph at Rams Head Live last week. No effing chance I’m missing him at 9:30 Club this week.

I’d actually like to go back for Anberlin/Crash Kings. They’re both really freaking underrated…

I like Styx way more than I should ever admit. I think at one point in my life I had their episode of Vh1 “Behind The Music” memorized. I’m pretty sure I know more about Chuck Panozzo than I know about most of my ex-girlfriends.

And here are the Goo Goo Dolls singing on Sesame Street. I can’t figure out if this is cool or lame. They’ve made a career out of me having that feeling.

9. Rally to Restore Sanity or Fear (Saturday 12pm National Mall)

You know why this is going to be great? Because Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are both…you know…actually FUNNY.

If it weren’t for the fact that I’m going to be limiting my time in DC moving forward…I’d be there.

8. Back to the Future 25th Anniversary Edition available on DVD/Blu-Ray (Tuesday)

I went to White Marsh to see it Saturday. It was AWESOME. I was going to take Perry Hall Blvd. to get there, but then I remembered something…

7. Auto Racing: NASCAR Amp Energy Juice 500 (Sunday 1pm from Talladega, Alabama live on ESPN)

I love Talladega. Well…I don’t really love Talladega, but I loved Talladega Nights. Isn’t that close enough?

6. NHL: Washington Capitals @ Carolina Hurricanes (Wednesday 7pm from Raleigh live on Comcast SportsNet), Washington Capitals @ Minnesota Wild (Thursday 8pm from Minneapolis live on NHL Network & Comcast SportsNet), Washington Capitals @ Calgary Flames (Saturday 10pm from Calgary live on Comcast SportsNet)

Have you heard this story? Thanks to Yahoo! Sports’ Puck Daddy for the tip. Apparently a young man was playing a game of EA Sports NHL 11 when Dallas Stars winger Adam Burish interfered on a 2-0 breakaway. The young man wrote a letter to the Stars demanding an apology from Burish…


What’s great about this? He GOT the apology! Well, sort of.

You think there’s a chance I could write the Oakland Raiders and demand a similar apology from Kyle Boller for things that happened not in a video game but instead in REALITY.

5. High School Football: Perry Hall @ Milford Mill (Saturday 1pm), North County @ Glen Burnie (Saturday 6:30pm)

With PHHS coming off a 62-0 drubbing of Dulaney, Milford Mill better be on watch.

As far as Glen Burnie is concerned; well the Gophers are just hoping they can offer a performance SLIGHTLY more representative than Brock Lesnar against Cain Velasquez…

4. NFL: Miami Dolphins @ Cincinnati Bengals (Sunday 1pm from Cincinnati live on CBS), Washington Redskins @ Detroit Lions (Sunday 1pm from Detroit live on FOX), Minnesota Vikings @ New England Patriots (Sunday 4:15pm from Foxborough, MA live on FOX), Pittsburgh Steelers @ New Orleans Saints (Sunday 8:20pm from New Orleans live on NBC), Houston Texans @ Indianapolis Colts (Monday 8:30pm from Indianapolis live on ESPN)

There’s no question that Sundays aren’t quite the same when the Ravens don’t play. That being said, there’s nothing wrong in my mind with spending a Halloween night screaming obscenities at those a-holes in black and yellow, only to take a break every now and then and hand out some candy corn.

And by the way, EVERY kid in town is stopping by Glenn Clark’s house this year. Just look at how welcoming it is!

And we have pumpkins!


Yes, I did (with a lot of help) carve the Vince Lombardi Trophy in my pumpkin. I’m awesome like that. I did it for two reasons.

One-to honor the Ravens 10th Anniversary Super Bowl XXXV team.

Two-As an answer to the question “What sports trophy will the Dallas Cowboys not have to worry about winning this season?

3. NBA: Washington Wizards @ Orlando Magic (Thursday 8pm from Orlando live on TNT), Washington Wizards @ Atlanta Hawks (Saturday 7pm from Atlanta live on Comcast SportsNet)

The NBA IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I tried generating excitement about it, but I couldn’t possibly care less.

You know who I’m picking to win the NBA title this year? The Tune Squad.


2. Exhibition College Basketball: Florida Southern @ Maryland (Monday 8pm Comcast Center)

Unlike the NBA, I actually AM excited to have college hoops back. I’ll be one of the handful of nerds that wanders down to College Park Monday night to check out Jordan Williams and the Terps.

How excited am I about the return of college hoops? Damn near as excited as I am about this picture of Diana Morales that I found over at Guyism…


1. College Football: Wake Forest @ Maryland (Saturday 3:30pm from Byrd Stadium live on ESPNU), Duke @ Navy (Saturday 3:30pm from Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium live on CBS College Sports), Rhode Island @ Towson (Saturday 3:30pm Unitas Stadium), Juniata @ Johns Hopkins (Saturday 1pm Homewood Field)

You see, this is a good week for me. Not only do I despise the Terrapins’ opponent (up yours, Demon Deacons); but I once again despise the Midshipmen’s opponent as well.

In fact, I despise the Blue Devils MORE of course. I adopted a similar philosophy to the one that apparently lives by…


Go Mids! Duck Fuke.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…