An Open Letter To: The United States Government

August 02, 2012 | Drew Forrester

Dear Government Nitwits,

What on earth is wrong with you friggin’ clowns?

Did I read and hear correctly?  You people are taxing U.S. Olympic athletes who win medals at the games in London?

Taxing our athletes who represent the country, now that’s a new way to fill your coffers.

The 4×200 men’s relay team earned a swimming gold medal on Tuesday.  They each receive a $25,000 honorarium for that accomplishment, per the Olympic guidelines.

And they now owe $9,000 in taxes on that $25,000.  Really?  You can’t take a break from your golf game or your vacation at the Hamptons to try and create some sort of special exemption for our Olympians who proudly represent the United States?

I’m embarrassed for you idiots.

These men and women – completely by their choice – have given the better part of four years of their lives to this endeavor in England.  They’ve “lost their youth”, as the saying goes, by dedicating hours and hours to training, practicing and competing, all in the name of trying to achieve greatness not only for themselves, but for their country as well.  They’re not soldiers, of course, but they are similar in nature to someone who enters the military.  They’re proud to wear the red, white and blue and they’re willing to give their ultimate physical effort in order to have a medal draped around their neck.

And you bozos are going to tax them if they win?

I mean, seriously, how on earth does this country run every single day with completely asinine decisions being made by people who are supposedly smart?

You men and women in charge of our country are highly educated – I guess – and this is the best you can do to convince the people that voted for you that you’re doing what’s best for them?

I love this one that you nuts approved:  A bronze medal winner gets $10,000, but gets taxed $3,502.  $3,500 of it is “a tax” and $2.00 is for the value of the bronze medal itself.

Yep.  You added on $2.00 for the medal.

I hope every single one of you in the government lock your keys in your car today.

You’re all bad people.

Make that…HORRIBLE people.

Have a nice day.




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  1. unitastoberry Says:

    I know this is a Baltimore Sports web site but I’m not a fan of big government. Didn’t Bill Clinton tell us that era was over?? And to answer your question. How does this country run everyday? Well its being run right into the ground and it makes no difference what party is in power.The Olympics are a huge waist of money to begin with.How about we beat Cancer or ALS with all this money? You get taxed on your income, then you get taxed on your property, then you get taxed on things you buy, then you get taxed on money you put into Social Security,then you retire and they double tax you on the same money then they tax you again when you die if you have enough left, so thats triple taxed for some and all the while they waist it and we have 16 trillion of debt.Idiots

  2. Doug Says:

    This is what happens when you give the keys to the countryt to a man who has never even run a lemonade stand! In three+ years, Obama have proven to be in WAY over his head economically

    Tax tax tax!

  3. Brett Says:

    The United States Olympic Committee relies on donations from corporations and individuals. Our government does not subsidize our athletes. Bitch about taxes all you want, they are obscene, as well as our barely functioning government. Don’t try to co-mingle the two unitastoberry, know your facts.

  4. Mike from Carney Says:

    Michael Phelps didn’t win the Gold medals on his own. The governemnt did.

    That radio station … you didn’t build it. (not you, specifically)

    Next thing you know, it will be illegal to grow vegetables in your own back yard, because the government has no control to tax that.

    But the liberal talking heads won’t bring that up.

    Hey…Tiger’s playing this weekend.

  5. The "Armchair QB" Says:

    Drew, the information on who voted for this legislation is probably available on if you’re interested. By the way, we have a Governor who has taxed everything but “fresh air” and, if he could, he’d tax that, too! And, he has aspirations of running for…..President! So, caveat emptor, as they say in Latin……..

  6. Scott S Says:

    I don’t see the problem with taxing the honorariums (although adding the value of the medal seems excessive). The $ given to the athletes is still income. Sure they worked hard for it and made sacrifices, but that can be said of many professions. Yes, the athletes represent our country – but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t pay taxes either – police officers, teachers, firemen also represent our country and communities but still pay taxes.

  7. Matt Says:

    @Doug – yeah Obama is the first President in history to tax people. The problem is not with Obama or any President for that matter, hell Congress is the entity that comes up with this crap to begin with, all the Prez has to do is ink it. The issue is the SYSTEM and the opportunity these clowns have to stay in office as long as they damn well please. We’re the dummies, letting these people keep their jobs and allow the system to run amuck. TERM LIMITS people…the only reason the Prez has them is because all those clowns in Congress want a shot at the big desk…they all suck.

  8. Ruben Says:

    If you want to blame someone in the government, blame the faceless IRS offical who determined that the medals and the prize money was taxable income. While our elected leaders leave much to be desired, I doubt they had before them a singular vote on this specific issue. Also keep in mind that the tax rates quoted are for the top 35% bracket which assumes that the athlete’s overall income puts them in the “1%” Otherwise the athlete would be paying a much lower rate. Plus the athlete could probalby deducte their personal training expenses from any tax liablity.

    Scott S is right – just because you are getting paid for a noble profession doesn’t excuse you from having to pay taxes.

  9. unitastoberry Says:

    @Brett I just think that all the millions or billions used every 4 years to build these Olympics is a waste private or public funded. May I suggest St Judes to all those corporate philanthropists who visit the site every day.

  10. matt Says:

    the most patriotic thing a citizen can do is pay taxes (or join the military paid by taxes).

    now, what the government does with those taxes is another issue.

  11. justafan Says:

    If a predominantly fraudulent election can be avoided, a new president will be elected, and maybe some of this nonsense will stop. Of course this is a big “IF”.

  12. PghSteve Says:

    Just to clarify, tax bills are passed in the House of Representatives (435 members, 2 year terms, elected every 2 years), then voted on by the Senate (100 members, 6 year terms, 1/3 elected every 2 years), then the bill is signed or vetoed by the President (1 person, elected every 4 years). Assigning blame or credit to a president for tax policy is simply excusing the other 535 elected persons involved.

    BTW, do the Ravens players pay any city taxes? They do represent the city (and do an excellent job of it most years), after all, and they do dedicate hours and hours to training, practicing and competing, all in the name of trying to achieve greatness not only for themselves, but for their city as well.

  13. John Says:

    Drew you’re way off base here. It’s one thing to exempt military pay in hostile territory. You’re really going to say a guy swimming laps in a pool or a woman running sprints at a first class track facility deserves the same special exemption? You can disagree that earnings for Olympic honorariums should be tax free because they’re representing us, but you’re the one being asinine by saying that the people responsible for this policy are “clowns,” “idiots,” or “horrible people.”

    The IRS starts with a broad definition of income from “whatever source derived.” That’s whether it’s from legal, ethical, neutral, or noble pursuits. This is a rational way to start a system (designed to treat everyone the same). This is such a non-issue.

    Would you still be mad if this income wasn’t taxed but the gross amount were reduced (so the athletes wind up in basically the same place depending on their tax bracket)? Because that’s exactly what would happen if the IRS didn’t tax it.

    Our tax code is complicated enough as it is. We don’t need to make it more so because of these athletes.

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