Bringing up Machado makes zero sense — which means it’s the right move for the 2012 Orioles

August 09, 2012 | Drew Forrester

There will be lots of folks questioning the Orioles for their early August call-up of hotshot prospect Manny Machado.

Not me.

I’m firmly in the “what the hell, why not?” camp.

Machado’s promotion from AA Bowie to the big league club in time for tonight’s game against the Royals makes perfect sense when you consider the rest of the details of the 2012 season in Baltimore.

They’re somehow only five losses behind the Yankees with 50 games to go and yet, they’ve been borderline-horrible in several aspects of their on-field product throughout the season.

And that’s why bringing up Machado makes sense.

It seems like it’s the wrong thing to do.

But it also seems to me that a team with no real first baseman, third baseman or left fielder couldn’t possibly be in the pennant race after 110 games.

It’s also more than reasonable to assume that a team with starting pitching as woefully inconsistent as the Orioles have had this season would be battling for last place, not first place.

And when you have an offense that has been – at times – wretched knocking runners in, it’s safe to say the team should be 9 games UNDER .500, not 60-51.

But, somehow, the Orioles are 60-51, and to anyone who has watched the games this season – like me – it’s gone from “fun” to “I figured they’d go in the tank” to “they keep hanging around” to “there’s something weird going on”.

Bringing up Machado might be weird, but the whole season has been weird thus far.

It doesn’t matter that the kid has only played two games at third base in the minor leagues.  I’ll bet you a chinese lunch he’s better than Betemit and Reynolds at third — combined.

Go ahead and call Machado up…

That’s what I say.

It wouldn’t shock me at all if he goes 3-for-5 tonight and knocks in the game-winning run in the 10th inning.

If he does, that, too, fits perfectly with what we’ve seen from the 2012 Orioles.

None of it makes sense.

But we’re enjoying the hell out of it, that’s for sure.