Can the city of Baltimore deliver a wake-up call to the Orioles?

February 20, 2012 | Drew Forrester

For the last 5 years or so, the club has seen attendance diminish.  The 30,000 empty seats that are present at most home games haven’t done much to deter or change the club’s way of doing business.

Nothing has worked — in terms of getting the Orioles to shape up.

But what if even the people who had tickets for a game didn’t come?  What kind of statement does that make?  What happens when the club announces the attendance at 14,921 for the game but the TV cameras show the truth — 811 people in the seats.

I don’t know if this does anything.

I’m just throwing out ideas.

You can say “Don’t you think you’re jumping the gun?…the season hasn’t even started yet” and I can say, “I don’t need to see the season start.  I’ve seen everything I need to see since last November to know this club still doesn’t get it.  No off-season signings of note…no use of the fan’s money…and plenty of unprofessional “nuggets” from the team’s PR department.”

But that’s just me.

Maybe the losing and the lack of attendance and their laughable PR gaffes aren’t important to you.

I’m open to suggestions.  Really, I am.  Put your thinking cap on and come up with something.

I’ve offered my one idea.

I think taking one home game and doing some sort of city/state-wide campaign that says, “On XXXXX date, do NOT go to the ballpark” might have some steam to it.  Maybe not.  Most of you aren’t going now…that’s what you’re thinking, right?  But I bet you know someone who goes just about every game or two.  Think about it.  Do you know a season ticket holder?  I know a bunch.  I talk to a bunch of them on the air every day.  I was one of those last year.  They’re not bad people.  But if we could convince them to make a one-game statement along with the rest of the great unwashed who refuse to bankroll this mess anymore, maybe we’d have a unique civic event.

By hook or by crook, they’ll have 12,000 tickets pre-sold for just about every home game this season through season tickets and mini-plans.

What would happen if we could convince all of those 12,000 people to not show up for one home game?

Would it help?

I’m trying to find something that does.