Crabs And Beer Will Be Back Thursday

December 31, 2007 | Glenn Clark

What a great win for the Ravens today. A functional offense…..there’s a novel concept. It was just good to not feel like this team was the worst in the league for a day.

I have the Fiesta Bowl to cover in ALL ASPECTS on Wednesday night, but I am going to do everything in my power to get Crabs and Beer back regularly Thursday morning following the Ravens’ press conference. This will be a tough month due to the Super Bowl, but I am committed to getting you everything I can.

Thanks to Mark Suchy, Darren Rudham, Katie, Thyrl Nelson, Ray Bachman, Nestor Aparicio, Barry Aparicio, Rob Long, Bob Haynie, Anne Boone-Simanski, Paul Kopelke, Thom Mattson, and EVERYONE else from the WNST Family that I had the opportunity to spend time with while I was home.

Happy New Year! And do me a favor…..don’t think Auld Lang Syne tonight. It uses the same music as the University of Virginia alma mater, and that’s just not okay.