Did you go to the ballpark on Monday night? Neither did anyone else…

August 28, 2012 | Drew Forrester

I suspect the crowds will perk up next month when the likes of the Yankees, Red Sox and Rays come to town…but then again, maybe they won’t.

That’s the thought that struck me last night.

“Maybe this is it…” I thought as I sat in Section 12, Row 1 and surveyed the landscape of a crowd that Navy football would be embarrassed to produce.

“Maybe this is what we’re going to see in September…”

And before you say, “No, no, Drew, people are gonna pour in there come September”, remember this:  SCHOOL IS IN SESSION IN SEPTEMBER.  Evidently, folks don’t go to baseball games once school starts.

I can only imagine the Ravens are petrified at the thought of starting their season with a Monday night home game against the Bengals in two weeks.  The place will probably only be half full, what with Tuesday being a school day and all.

I chatted with a friend last night as the warm summer night made watching a game in person a complete delight and we both agreed that the crowd was almost-shockingly low.  I expected 16,000 or so, maybe even upwards of 20,000.  I didn’t expect to see a Towson-Delaware football crowd.

At one point, I closed my eyes (not for long…we were in prime screeching-line-drive-foul-ball territory in Section 12, Row 1) and tried to “feel” the atmosphere in the ballpark.

You know what?

It felt like 2003.  Or 2007.  Or 2010.

It sounded like it too.

And it certainly looked like it.

I closed my eyes and smelled playoff baseball in Baltimore and it stunk.