#WNSTSweet16 – The 16 local athletes who never won a title, but deserved to win one

January 28, 2014 | Drew Forrester



Ten seasons in Baltimore and several outstanding seasons without a sniff of the playoffs made Melvin Mora a logical selection for this list and he comes in at #7.  Several players epitomized the “decade of despair” from 2001-2011, but few loved the Orioles and the city of Baltimore more than Mora. In 2004, he produced one of the best offensive campaigns of any player during the 2000’s, with 27 HR’s, 104 RBI and a .349 batting average and .419 OBP.  While never a Gold Glove third baseman, he was a six year starter before his career calendar started to wane in 2008-2009.  Off the field, Mora remains a Harford County resident with six children that he shuttles to school, sports practices, etc., serving as the proverbial “regular Dad” while marrying his parental duties with a long run as a successful professional baseball player.

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