#WNSTSweet16 – The 16 local athletes who never won a title, but deserved to win one

January 28, 2014 | Drew Forrester


Few athletes in Baltimore sports history have contributed as much to the community as ex-Baltimore Colts defensive lineman Joe Erhmann, who was the team’s first round draft pick in 1973 and spent eight seasons in Baltimore.  Erhmann was part of a strong defense that helped the Colts win three straight AFC East crowns (’75-’77) but never won a championship in his pro football career. Off the field, Erhmann has been a pillar of the Baltimore community, both in athletics and spiritually, serving as a coach for the Gilman (HS) football team and the Pastor of the 4,000 member Grace Fellowship Church in Baltimore.  His book — InSideOut Coaching — is one of the great modern books about coaching and how sports can transform the life of a young man or woman.

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