Drew’s Morning Dish — Thurs., April 25

April 25, 2013 | Drew Forrester

Here we go…it’s day one of the NFL Draft.

Of course, the Ravens will keep everyone up until 11:30 pm or whatever time they eventually get to choose and then…

They’ll trade out of the pick.

That’s what I think, anyway.

My mock draft version 1.0 has the Ravens trading out of the first round and taking OT Terron Armstead of Arkansas Pine-Bluff somewhere in the late 30’s or early 40’s of round two.


That was easy.


I believe Roger Gooddell when he says the NFL had no idea about Browns’ owner Jimmy Haslam’s “issues” with the FBI as it relates to his company, Pilot FlyingJ.

The FBI generally doesn’t go around publicizing the fact that they’re investigating someone.

That said, the league should have known Haslam was a shady character…in fact, all they had to do to in their vetting process was ask themselves this one question:

“What kind of sane person buys the Browns?”

That in and of itself should have told them to check Haslam’s ball bearings.


That was a helluva throw by Rajai Davis in the bottom of the 10th inning to get Machado at the plate.

To me, there’s nothing more exciting and beautiful about baseball (except when it happens against your team, like it did yesterday) than the outfield-to-home throw that gets a runner at the plate.

Everything has to happen correctly.

The outfielder has to put himself in the proper position as he approaches the ball.

He has to actually catch the ball – while not blowing a bubble (or, in some cases, while blowing one) – and continue moving forward while throwing a strike to the catcher.

The catcher has to do his part.

He has to position himself the right way, catch the ball, apply the tag, and hold on to the ball to record the out.

A lot of things have to happen correctly in a short amount of time.

And when it does, it’s really cool to watch.


Without being overly dramatic about it, the fact the Orioles don’t actually have a 5th starter could wind up being a major issue for them in 2013.

That said, they wound up going to the playoffs last year with some guy named Miguel Gonzalez as a starter.  This time last year, we had zero idea who he was, let alone that he would actually be any good.

My guess is sometime soon, Steve Johnson will get the chance to prove he’s worthy of occupying that #5 slot.  I hope they give him the requisite number of starts to prove himself.  I realize Josh Stinson was “one and done” from the start, but let’s give SJ 4-6 starts, at least, to get comfortable with the role and show what he can do.


I love discovering new music.  I wrote earlier this week about a Los Angeles based band I just found named “Dawes”.  I first heard them where I hear nearly all good music — at 89.7, WTMD.

Anyway, there is something as good as discovering new music:  re-discovering old music that you once listened to with great enthusiasm and then, as the years go by, you move on from that sound to something else.

A week or so ago, while looking for a Beastie Boys CD, I came across Journey’s “Frontiers” CD.  I threw it in.  Holy-friggin’-cow were those guys good.  “Send her my love”, “After the Fall”, “Faithfully” — all on one album.

I saw Journey at least three times, maybe four if I really thought about it.  They were SUPERB in concert.  But going back over the last few weeks and listening to their albums like I have has really reminded me how good they were in the late 70’s and throughout the ’80’s.

I mean, they were REALLY. FREAKING. GOOD.

Don’t believe me?  Check this out.  It’s “Girl Can’t Help It” from their album Raised on Radio.

Steve Perry can sing.


Happy Thursday.

Enjoy the draft!