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April 19, 2013 | Drew Forrester

LOL at Dick Ebersol, the former chairman of NBC Sports who now pays for his various homes and country club memberships by “advising” the same company on sports and their Olympics coverage.

Last night, he had the nerve to blast the Orioles of all people with regard to the September 5th “issue” in Baltimore that kept the Ravens from hosting the season opener and sending them to Denver instead.

Ebersol knows the truth, but he can’t say it.

His buddy Roger Goodell and his pals at NBC are the only ones to blame.

Last season, NBC reached out to the NFL and said, “We need a favor…please talk to the Giants and Cowboys about moving the traditional Thursday night opener to Wednesday so we can cover the Democratic National Convention on Thursday” and the league quickly made that happen.

Now, when the roles are reversed and it’s the NFL who needs a one-time favor from NBC in allowing the Thursday opener to be moved to Wednesday so Baltimore can host the game on September 4, suddenly “Thursday is just too important to give up”.

These imposters like Ebersol crack me up.

And then they blame the Orioles instead of just speaking the truth.

“We don’t really care about the Ravens or Baltimore enough to take an extra step or two for either of them…”

Then again, the powers at NBC are the ones who removed the words “under God” from the Pledge a few years back when they were televising a U.S. Open golf special and had some Washington D.C. school children recite the Pledge at the beginning of the show.

If they can do something as reprehensible as that, they can do anything.


Take a sip of your morning coffee and then read this…


Mike Rice of Rutgers – the disgraced basketball coach who was finally outed AND ousted for his unprofessional and bizarre behavior – got $475,000 for getting canned two weeks ago.

Let me spell that out for you:  Mike Rice of Rutgers got a FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR going away present from Rutgers.

And you’re wondering what’s wrong with our country?

There you have it.

He didn’t get $47,500, which you and I would consider to be a whopping amount of money in a one-time payment of any kind.

He got ten times that much.



It would appear the career of Derek Jeter is just about over in New York.

That’s a shame.

Years from now when we start sifting through the names of athletes who rose to prominence in the mid 1990’s and later became superstars in their respective sports, Jeter will always be the one who represents major league baseball in that discussion.

You can have Tiger Woods.  And your friend can have Kobe Bryant.

I’ll take Derek Jeter over both of them in terms of his service to the game and his personal reputation.


I keep hearing Maryland State Comptroller Peter Franchot bellyaching about the events at Towson University.  On one local radio interview, he remarked, “Towson University continues to have their name sullied both locally and nationally over this issue regarding baseball and soccer.”

He’s right.

Because he’s the one who keeps bringing it up.

Except you haven’t heard him on WNST yet.

Perhaps that’s because he’s heard if he comes on with me, I won’t kowtow to him the way the guys on the FM dial did.  Or the way they did on WBAL Radio.

I’ve reached out to his “office” but their email must not work down there.

I’d love to have the Comptroller on my show to ask HIM questions, the way he has asked questions of Dr. Loeschke and Mike Waddell at Towson University.

My first question would be this:  Shouldn’t you be concerned with actually doing the job you’ve been hired by the state to do?


Have a great weekend and enjoy yourself for the next couple of days.



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  1. PghSteve Says:

    Best Dish Yet! Every comment, I find myself saying, “Yeah, what Drew said!”

    Gotta go. Working on a plan to get fired from my job and get almost a half million dollars on the way out the door. The getting fired part seems easy enough…

  2. Chris Says:

    I don’t get the uproar people have over Towson cutting these 2 sports. They don’t produce revenue and towson also did the right thing in allowing all of the students on scholarship keep them to allow them to finish. They also were going to allow them to transfer if they could find another school to play the sport. It’s silly and the university is going to be in the same situation in 2-3 years, therefore makin almost impossible to recruit for those sports (and because of this the fan support will be even less). Just ridiculous

  3. John in Westminster Says:

    As a Towson alum and resident of MD, I wish he’d give a little attention to those who need it more. I’m sure the hundreds of thousands could be put to better use, like our own public schools or local parks and recs. This is pandering at its finest.

  4. The Armchair QB Says:

    Good post as usual Drew! Agree as to most of your observations, but as much as I agree that the NFL was to blame for the scheduling fiasco, I’m of the opinion that the O’s coulda/shoulda/woulda put Baltimore and their fans first by arranging to reschedule their midweek game with the White Sox. I know all the pros and cons, but…..MLB is FORCED to reschedule games often during the season due to weather induced cancellations. If they can do that on the spur of the moment, they can certainly do it with 6 months advance notice! Peter Angelos, who has never been known as “hero” in this town, coulda/shoulda/woulda been one had he put the interest of Baltimore and it’s fans first. Instead, it’s more of the same with the town and it’s loyal fans getting short shrift for a change. Just one fan’s opinion…….

  5. Justafan Says:

    The bottom line is that the Orioles released their schedule long before the NFL schedule released theirs. So why should the Orioles adjust their schedule merely to accomodate the NFL? The Ravens will still play 8 home games and 8 road games, so why the fuss? I am glad the Orioles are standing up to these NFL Bullies.
    As for what is wrong with this country, it seems as though terrorist attacks are becoming as frequent as Obama’s vacations.

  6. J Says:

    Look those who want to blame the Orioles dont have a clue. Thanks Drew for saying it correct. the bottom line is MLB gave the NFL their schedule in September of lat season. the NFL knowing that opening nite would be September 5th should have addressed it then stating it could be a Ravens game. They should have like Drew said Moved it to Wednesday night. To change the game time it is not only up to Peter Angelos it has to be approved by the white sox, mlb and the players association so before you make stupid statements have your facts straight!!

  7. Joe in Fells Point Says:

    NBC and the NFL always wanted the opener to take place in denver with us as the guest of honor. I hope we spoil their little party. Wouldn’t it be nice if the game started with former bronco Dumervil getting reacquainted with manning in the backfield?

  8. unitastoberry Says:

    Good Points. I think they should change the name State Comptroller to State Outa Controller. I got a severence deal at my job too. I got to keep any candy I could find stuffed behind my pencils and pens in my desk.

  9. The Armchair QB Says:

    Well, well….the O’s got rained out tonight and will HAVE to reschedule. Imagine that. If nothing else, it proves the point that it would have been relatively simple for them to reschedule their Sept.5th Thursday night game with the White Sox so that the Ravens could open at home and showcase their city and fans on a national stage………

  10. PghSteve Says:

    Well, well…the NFL and NBC voluntarily rescheduled their opening game last year. If nothing else, it proves the point that it is relatively simple for them (NFL/NBC) to reschedule their September Thursday Night game with [?] so that the Ravens could have opened at home and showcased their city and fans on a national stage. And no involvement or schedule change needed from the Orioles, the White Sox, MLB, or the players union.

    But it is more fun to bash the Orioles and Mr. Angelos.

  11. PghSteve Says:

    I would think that a real football fan would be delighted at the Ravens’ opener. They get their longest road travel out of the way the first week, weather will not be a factor, 4 months to prepare for Mr. Manning, and don’t have to go on the road again for 3 weeks. Defending a Super Bowl title is always a challenge, but it looks to me as if the Ravens are in a nice position to get that quest for 2 started.

  12. The Armchair QB Says:

    Question for PghSteve: do the O’s, opposing teams, MLB and players’ union have to be consulted about rescheduling every time one of their games is rained out?

  13. PghSteve Says:

    Why, yes, as a matter of fact, all involved must OK the rescheduling of any game that is cancelled due to weather. For, instance if the O’s were to have one of the games rained out today and needed to schedule a double header tomorrow, the O’s management could not just unilaterally say, “we’re going to play 2 tomorrow.” The Dodgers, MLB, and the union would have to agree.

    Not sure what this has to do with the fact that the NFL could easily and unilaterally have moved the Ravens’ game to Wednesday, Sep. 4th without consulting anyone having anything to do with baseball. No bashing of the O’s or Mr. Angelos, an extra day of rest for the Ravens before their 2nd game, Ravens get to celebrate the Super Bowl victory in Baltimore, O’s out of town so no concerns about affecting the Camden Yards crowd… win, win, win, win.

  14. The Armchair QB Says:

    The POINT is that they make these changes during the season on a moments notice, but would not reschedule with 6 month’s advance notice because…….they just DID NOT WANT TO! So the NFL gets their game in Denver in prime time, the O’s get their midweek night game against a probable meaningless opponent and the only losers are the City of Baltimore and it’s fans! Frankly, it speaks volumes about how little the fans matter to any of these entities!

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