Drew’s Morning Dish — Fri., June 14

June 14, 2013 | Drew Forrester

So much for LeBron stinking it up in the Finals.

And it appears that Dwayne Wade does still have something in the tank.

I told you I’d watch the NBA Finals once it became a Heat-Spurs get-together.

Even though Miami moved the series “back on serve” with last night’s Game 4 win in San Antonio, this one is far from over.  San Antonio just needs to win two games – as do the Heat – and if Tim Duncan and Company can snag a Game 5 victory, I like their odds to win one of the last two in South Florida.

But, the Spurs better win Game 5.

If Miami wins the next one, they’re not losing twice in a row at home.

All of this, of course, falls under the “tell me something I don’t know” category.

I’m pulling for LeBron and the Heat.

It feels weird to actually be sitting in front of the TV with a horse in the race while I’m watching an NBA playoff game.  I haven’t done that in…well…forever.


It only took one day of golf to see that Merion will wind up being the real winner when this week’s U.S. Open is concluded on either Sunday or Monday.

And, hopefully, that puts to rest that a golf course has to be 7,500 yards in order to keep a touring pro “in check” and keep him from shooting 24-under par for four days.

All you have to do to make golf tough is narrow the fairways, grow the rough a little and, most importantly, have great greens with complexities that make it difficult to get the ball close enough to have routine birdie putts.

That’s what Merion has and it’s going to work like a charm this weekend.

I took Phil Mickelson in my fantasy golf league because of the fact that he went home for three days instead of sticking around and playing the obligatory practice rounds leading up to Thursday’s start.

That Mickelson felt comfortable enough to go home to San Diego on Monday told me he wasn’t concerned about the golf course at all.  That also told me he might wind up winning.  And he just might.


If last night’s outing from Kevin Gausman is what we’re going to see from him on a somewhat regular basis, I’ll take it.

He’s learning.

And his two starts at home have been outstanding — against two good offensive teams, Detroit and Boston.

I’ll take him over Jake Arrieta any day.


OK, I’ll be the one to say it.

The Ravens Super Bowl rings are hideous.


They might as well just wear a toaster on their finger.

I got a first-hand glimpse of Bryant McKinnie’s ring last night at our event at Half Pints in Bel Air.

While I love the fact it symbolizes a championship, I think the ring itself is awful looking.

Just one guy’s opinion.