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June 07, 2013 | Drew Forrester

I’m not around for the next three (work) days, but that doesn’t mean DMD can’t roll on, right?

BTW, “DMD” is short for “Drew’s Morning Dish” the same way “DMB” is short for Dave Matthews Band.

Got it?


Anyway, I’m not sure why everyone is so worked up about Matt Birk’s decision to not visit the White House because of the President’s stance on abortion.

Isn’t that Birk’s right in this (supposedly) still free country of ours?

I thought so, anyway.

The one quote I’ve seen from all the armchair experts is this one:  “It doesn’t matter if you like the President, if you get invited to the White House you should go.”

No, not really.

That sort of theory works in Fantasy Land, but not in real life.

There’s no law – yet – that says you have to approve of or like the President or any other political figure, for that matter.

Honestly?  – If WNST.net got invited to the Governor’s Mansion in Annapolis to celebrate our recent selection as Baltimore’s Number One Sports Radio Station, I most certainly wouldn’t go.

I think the guy down there and the rest of the people running our state are about as effective as Freddy Garcia was on Wednesday night in Houston.

I’d simply say, “Nah, Drew’s not going down there to meet the Governor.”

Likewise, I see how someone like Matt Birk who has strong faith-based beliefs would pass on a trip to the White House to meet the guy who runs the country and believes in abortion.

Sure — it’s football, not politics, that sent Birk and his teammates to Washington, DC, but if you don’t like the President or don’t approve of his politics, why would you want to waste a day at the White House when you could be home in Minnesota playing golf or mowing your lawn?

I had the chance to go to the White House on Wednesday.

Like Luke and Nestor and several other media members in Baltimore, I could have gone down to DC on Wednesday and “covered” the event.

I wasn’t motivated to do it, frankly, because I’m just not that interested in meeting the President.  I’m sure if I was a “fan” of the work he’s doing and it was a big deal to me, personally, I would have made the trip.

Had Fred Couples been the man inviting people on Wednesday, I would have signed up for that and put on my Sunday best to meet up with my all-time favorite golfer.

Alas, it wasn’t Couples, it was Barack Obama who was doing the hosting.

I can respect the office of the President – which I do – and still think the guy running the office is failing – which I do – and then choose to just say “no thanks” when given the chance to either meet him or cover an event that includes him.

I don’t blame Matt Birk for not showing up on Wednesday.

And I don’t criticize anyone who DID go to the White House.

It’s a free country.


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  1. Russ Says:

    Drew, you hit a home run with this article. I agree that anybody has the choice to do as they feel inclined to. The armchair pundits keep claiming it was totally political for Birk not to attend, but it was also heavily based upon his religious and moral convictions.

  2. unitastoberry Says:

    Spot on Drew God Bless America.

  3. Mark Says:

    Your best piece ever! Why do people insist on judging others when that person disagrees with another? I worry about the lack of tolerance in this country today. I, as you, am not a fan of Obama but I do not criticize people who like him. I may disagree but I find no need to criticize. Civility is a trait that is sadly missing in society today…..from both sides of the aisle. Thank you for a well written piece. I hope many people read it and rethink how they talk to others.

  4. The Armchair QB Says:

    Couldn’t agree more, Drew! But, be careful about criticizing this President or his administration, lest you wind up getting audited by the IRS! LOL!

  5. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    Hat’s off to Matt Birk for taking a stand on his belief’s !!!

  6. Chris Says:

    I agree with this article. It’s everyone’s freedom of choice. If it were me, I would go only because it’s rare that someone can get a chance to meet the POTUS regardless of politics. Again though, I respect everyone’s personal choices. It’s what makes this country great.

  7. Coach Says:

    Right on brother!

  8. justafan Says:

    Matt Birk did the right thing. The Ravens would have made quite a statement if none of team showed up. While Obama shakes hands with the Ravens players, he gives the middle finger to the rest of America.

  9. Eric Says:

    I agree that Matt Birk has the right to choose not to attend the event, and I too do not blame him for not showing up. I do take acception to your comment that the President “believes in abortion”. I believe that you meant to say that the President believes in the a woman’s right to choose whether or not to have an abortion.

  10. BK Says:

    Eric couldn’t be more spot on. Even you Drew couldn’t help but to twist words to push your own political beliefs. What a hypocrite. Even if you do not like the President, you should support him. To me it is unpatriotic and borderline treason not too.

    Going to the white house should be about the experience of what that house has meant and provided us since its creation and not about who is president at the time. I have lost a lot of respect for Matt Birk now for turning this into a political thing. If he chooses not to go, then fine, don’t go. Don’t come on radio stations and get on your political high horse about why. It is not the place to do so.

    All of you would crush the President if he did not invite a certain player to the White House because they shared a different believe on gun laws and then said so in a radio interview. But everyone cheers Birk for doing it while still managing to try to put down the President of the USA. Get over yourselves, he is the President for now. Funny how everyone’s political view comes into play even when they say it is not…..

  11. Brad Says:

    Hey BK,

    The simple fact is you are a fascist if you believe that everyone should support the POTUS even if you do not like his policies or actions. Each day gets more depressing in this country with folks like you suggesting that everyone needs to go along with a president regardless of your own values and beliefs. The US used to stand for independent thought and freedom of speech. Its 2013 and we have an administration that is actually targeting folks they disagree with through the IRS and attempting to bully the media into silence. That’s not even the scariest part; the frightening part is that there are actually sheep like you that think we all need to support it. This country is finished with folks like you; please sterilize yourself so those of us still left that understand our founding principles can save the country from deteriorating into a third
    world dictatorship.

  12. Phil Says:

    Hey Eric-that type of logic is what has been destroying America…depends on “what the definition of the word is is” right?
    This president doesn’t believe in anything other then what will get him votes and keep him and his dishonest crew in power…but yes, he most certainly does believe in abortion…and thinks God should bless it….sick!

  13. john daily Says:

    ric and drew laurel and hardy funny stuff the only reason i listen no one wants to hear a ny cop come to balto and team with steve davis

  14. Russ Says:

    Hey BK,

    You really put a lot of effort into showing what an idiot you are. Birk’s stance was based on religious and moral standards, not political. Go ahead and keep supporting these radical libs in office and relish in what a great job they are doing. Regardless of the left’s attempt to silence free speech, especially in the media, I applaud a man who stands on his moral convictions.

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