Drew’s Morning Dish — Fri., May 10

May 10, 2013 | Drew Forrester

If you’re ever going to lose a home game, lose to Jeremy Guthrie.

The former Oriole returned to Baltimore with the Royals this week, made a stop at Helping Up Mission to spread some good will, then beat the Birds on Thursday night at Camden Yards.

*Golf clap* for Jeremy Guthrie.

He was here when the organization was basically at its lowest point. He suffered as much, if not more, than just about anyone else on the club, because the players in charge of providing him with runs when he took the mound were about as likely to produce hits as David Lee Roth was when he went solo.  Then, remember, the Orioles showed their true colors one March when they cut Guthrie’s salary by $130,000 because they could.

I always liked Guthrie, the man, as much as I did Guthrie, the pitcher.

He’s a quality human being, the likes of which we don’t see much in sports anymore.

I absolutely didn’t mind seeing him win last night.


I don’t know who Roberto Castro is but he shot 63 yesterday at TPC Sawgrass in the first round of The Players Championship.

For the record, I picked Louis Oosthuizen to win in my “for entertainment only” golf pool I’m in.

Tiger Woods with a 67 to get things started…and he was evidently sober in posting that number.  Tiger hasn’t had a great week thus far.  He evidently got s-faced at a party with his new girl Lindsey Vonn earlier this week and was photographed in some – shall we say – interesting scenes at the event.

Don’t worry Tiger — winning changes everything.  Except those pictures, I guess.


Caps-Rangers Game 4 is tonight in DC.

This one is huge, of course.

No one has won on the other team’s ice yet in this series.

If that trend continues, the Caps will win 4-games-to-3 on Monday night.

But saying that and doing that are two different things.  The Caps need to win this evening.  If not, all the pressure will be on them Sunday in New York when the teams return to Madison Square Garden for Game 6.  And…we know how the Caps function when the heat is on.

I’ll watch tonight, but I’ll be nervous as a burglar throughout.