Drew’s Morning Dish — Fri., May 17

May 17, 2013 | Drew Forrester

Riders up!

To me, the professional horse racing jockey might be the most interesting athlete in sports.

I mean that.

And please don’t be the nitwit who says “those little guys aren’t athletes”.

You bet your rear-end they are.

I recently went out to Pimlico with the family and , being a Sunday and all, we were able to get right down near the entrance to the paddock and watch the whole process of the horses getting prepared for the race and the jockeys saddling up.  Then, to watch them commandeer those horses around the track…a 100 pound guy in control of a 1,500 pound animal — well, it’s an amazing talent to watch in person.

Anyway — I’m guessing Joel Rosario is the winning jockey in Saturday’s running of the Preakness at Pimlico.

Yes, I’m picking Orb to win on Saturday.

I’ll go with the Orb-Goldencents-Mylute ticket and see if I can’t make a few bucks there.

Speaking of the Preakness, it’s just about time we “man-up” (as opposed to saddle-up) and tell Tom Chuckas and the people at Pimlico that they were right back in 2009.

It’s probably still not completely done to their liking, but the people in charge of running the Preakness have just about “fixed it” like they said they were going to when they announced five years ago you’d no longer be able to bring your own booze into the infield and act like a lunatic and endanger other race fans.

As Tom Chuckas noted with me on Thursday during an interview on The D&L Window Tinting Morning Reaction, they’re now able to sign sponsors like the watch maker Longines, something they couldn’t have done in 2005 or 2008 when the race at Pimlico on the 3rd Saturday of May featured derelict behavior, upwards of 300 hospital admissions and countless arrests for drinking too much and acting like a buffoon.  The only national company that would have sponsored the Preakness back in 2008 would have been Tylenol.  Now, upscale companies and products see the Preakness as a chance to market their product to a group of people who are of sound enough mind to actually see, hear and absorb the message.

Arrests, hospital visits and shameful behavior by infield-goers is down, significantly.  We all know it’s tied into alcohol, which proves once again that Chuckas and his group were right for eliminating the “bring your own booze and get so hammered you lose control of your faculties” crowd.

I don’t have to tell Chuckas he was right.  I was one of the few in the market who applauded The Maryland Jockey Club for their decision back in 2009.  I figured they were doing the right thing back then and now, in 2013, it’s apparent they were.

If you haven’t been to the Preakness in a decade or so, give it a shot next year.  I think you’ll find it much more to your liking.


Chad Johnson – ex-Bengals receiver – has a warrant out for his arrest after failing to abide by the requirements of his probation.

Oddly enough, the Bengals themselves used to file warrant requests for Johnson nearly every Monday morning.  Their charge against him?  “Failure to appear” in the game the day before.