Drew’s Morning Dish — Fri., May 24

May 24, 2013 | Drew Forrester

Well, that was ugly.

Walks, errors, a passed ball, even a grand slam for good measure.

It all spoiled what could have been a special night for first-round draft pick Kevin Gausman, who made his debut last night in Toronto as the Birds lost 12-6.

Gausman, of course, contributed to his own demise by allowing four earned runs in only five innings of work, but he was the least of the Orioles’ problems on Thursday night.

This bullpen is starting to stink worse than my Aunt Betty’s shoes.

Patton and Strop walked the bases loaded in the 6th inning and then Edwin Encarnacion deposited a 4-RBI home run into the seats to put the game away.  At that point, it was still 4-3 in favor of the Blue Jays — and anyone’s game.

I assume Buck knows his bullpen is shaky, which is one reason why they decided to get Gausman to Baltimore.  Maybe he can throw into the 7th inning two out of every three starts.

The prized rookie looked decent enough last night, particularly when you take into account he has no idea what he’s doing at the big league level, but he can’t do it alone.

This club needs better pitching, period.

Gausman might help.  I’d rather see him than Jurrjens or Garcia, for sure.

But if they don’t get an improvement from a bunch of arms, the Birds could be in for a long four months.


I know it’s probably a skit by now, but will someone please get Gary Thorne to pronounce Edwin Encarnacion’s name the the right way?


He’s simply stopped trying.

Last night, I think he called him three different things, including ENCARNACION — he actually pronounced it correctly once.  Then he went back to calling him ENCARCION and the one I love, CARSE-EE-OWN.

Thorne’s a professional — and maybe I’m nitpicking here, but we see the Blue Jays nineteen times a season and it’s just aggravating that he won’t say the dude’s name the right way.


I saw an advance screening of The Hangover 3 yesterday.

As most of the reviews indicated, it was less-than-overwhelming.

That said, nothing could ever be as good as “the original” Hangover, so anything that follows is sure to fall short.

There was a plot to “3” that sort of didn’t exist in the first two, so in that regard it was more of an actual movie and less of a 90-minute frat party on film.

Largely though, it produced only occasional laughter and left you thinking at the end:  “it’s probably a good thing they’re not going to have a #4 in this series.”


Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

Stay safe.

Fire up the grill.

Enjoy yourself.

Summer starts on Monday, right?

Can’t wait.