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September 20, 2013 | Drew Forrester

Yesterday’s blog here at Drew’s Morning Dish created quite a stir around town, which is part of the expected response anytime someone at WNST opines on the Orioles.

For whatever weird reason, it’s almost like we’re not allowed to speak out against the Orioles if the circumstances warrant.

My position, re: the Orioles, is always based on what’s going on at the moment.  Despite being harassed by their front office off and on over the last six years, I’ve never let that interfere with forming an opinion on a game or a community topic involving the Orioles.

Case in point was this year’s hot-button topic, the Ravens September 5th opening game that was moved to Denver because the Orioles and White Sox were playing in Baltimore that same night.  I was perhaps the most outspoken media member in town in FAVOR of the Orioles on that topic.  I stood up for them from the day the controversy was initiated last April.

Luke and I talk about every game on the D&L Window Morning Reaction.  I’d say, conservatively, that during the spring and summer we spend 12 of 20 hours a week talking exclusively about the Orioles and/or Major League Baseball.

So, any notion at all that I’m “anti-Orioles” or “all you guys do is beat up the Orioles” is just wrong.  Period.

Anyone who really listens to the show – whether or not you like me personally – knows that’s true.

Fast forward to the current saga regarding the Orioles revoking my media credential (and Luke’s).

I wrote what I wrote yesterday because at the root of it all, the only people in town who will defend WNST and its employees is…………..you guessed it, us.

No one else will defend our position when we’re wronged.  And I don’t have a problem with that, honestly.  I know the landscape — I’ll be more than happy to defend my position or that of the radio station if the situation calls for it.

Yesterday, though, was one of those days where ill-informed folks took their liberties because, again, “if WNST is beating up the Orioles, WNST absolutely MUST be in the wrong.”

We’re not wrong, here.

Luke Jones went to the ballpark this season and covered the games and team as well as anyone in this market.  That young man put in 20-hour work days, slept at the radio station some nights and did nothing at all to deserve having his credential revoked.

I’m behind the mic for 20 hours a week.  Nothing ever goes on the air in my time slot without me at least saying “I’m good with that…”  And this year, not once, never, did I violate any of the Orioles’ rules and regulations.  I didn’t deserve to have my credential revoked either.

So, what exactly should we do here when the Orioles pull a stunt like revoking two media credentials?

Just take it?

Not say anything at all?

A couple of college kids who think they know how the real world works lashed out at me yesterday after I wrote my piece at WNST.net.  They tried to put the blame on ME for bringing to light the “real story” behind our credentials being revoked which is, simply, a lack of professionalism and accountability from the Orioles which includes the powers-that-be within the baseball team not properly communicating with me or WNST over the last six months (and beyond…).

Our detractors are virtually incapable of speaking the truth when it comes to matters between the Orioles and WNST.

Someone reached out to me yesterday to criticize me for making this credential story a big deal but acknowledged that the Orioles were wrong for revoking my credential.  I asked him point blank, “Do you think the Orioles were wrong?” and he said, “Yes, absolutely.”

So, after ten minutes of having him beat ME up for writing the blog yesterday, I asked him, simply:  “So you’ve reached out to me today to tell me I’m wrong for writing what I wrote — tell me, “friend”, when’s the last time you reached out to the Orioles to tell them that they’re wrong for revoking my credential?”


And that’s because people, in general, are fearful of the baseball organization, in part because they’ve seen the kind of treatment we’re afforded here at WNST when things don’t go smoothly.

The truth is very simple here:  The Orioles handled this all very poorly.

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  1. Robert Says:

    What this situation, as has almost all of those concerning our birds in black the past 15 years, boils down to is the O’s brass refusal to be held accountable for their atrocious results on the field, notwithstanding 2012, & the community goodwill they have utterly destroyed off the field. Unfortunately since most media in our town are little more than sycophants, the only options fans have are to either stop patronizing the team, including not paying the monthly MASN charges & stop going to OPACY, which is what I have chosen to do, or take the “BOHICA” treatment AGAIN, only asking that the O’s management be so kind as to use some K-Y before they screw the fans & community, Eeysh. Cheers.

  2. The Armchair QB Says:

    Drew: no need to defend yourself or the station. Actions speak louder than words or, put another way, behavior is reality. Anyone following the “O’s” who doesn’t acknowledge how inept they are at public relations is simply….delusional! They alienated much of their fan base over their losing years and, despite back to back winning seasons with a team of solid, young talent, they still don’t get it and probably never will! If anything, you’ve been as effusive in your approbation as you have in your criticism, which is exactly what you’re supposed to do! So, stay objective, continue to tell it like it is and to hell with your detractors……..

  3. joe of bel air Says:

    Is Bader the one responsible for yanking Luke and your credentials?

  4. Jason Manelli Says:

    Joe – I’d read between the lines and assume it was Bader. I always feel the need to mention that I get upset at the credential yanking because it effects my access to the team. The Orioles want to tell me what radio station and blog to follow – sorry O’s, that’s not the way this fan rolls. WNST is an important, authentic, populist voice in our market – they don’t deserve the treatment they’ve gotten. O’s need to develop some thicker skin – criticism is a good thing, it makes you stronger. As Harbs said – steel sharpens steel…

  5. unitastoberry Says:

    Imagine if ESPN,Fox,or The Sun had done some honest sports journalism years ago and exposed all the dirty little secrets about the Orioles and 13 years of losing like WNST does. Like how the team snubbed the 1966 World Series 40 year reunion or Brooks Robinsons gala in 2009? Or how about the MASN angle and the other mean spirited acts of this ownership group since the firing of Davey Johnson? Maybe that’s why they decided to honor the HOF O’S last summer with those wonderful statues? This is why I post here and listen daily. Go O’s!

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