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September 20, 2013 | Drew Forrester

They handled it poorly on a variety of levels, starting with the mere fact that they punished Luke and I and we didn’t do anything wrong at all.

They handled it poorly because they sent threatening e-mails to WNST (note: I never received ONE e-mail from them about MY credential being in danger) and at the bottom of those e-mails they had the nerve to write:  “We will not engage in any communication/correspondence with you about this matter.”

They handled it poorly because the executive who made the decision to revoke our credentials didn’t have the professionalism to communicate with me and/or the station in general.  Instead, he had a female employee do his dirty work for him, which, according to some, I evidently wasn’t allowed to bring up yesterday.

They handled it poorly because that’s what they always seem to do when it comes to matters like this.

And the summary of my blog yesterday was simple: Rather than stand up and have a professional exchange with us – the way the Ravens or any other pro sports franchise would – the Orioles tried to soft-peddle their way around it and used a model employee who doesn’t deserve to be in the fight in the first place.

Some folks around town lit a fire under my ass for “bringing her into it”.

I didn’t bring Monica Barlow into it.  The half-dozen e-mails we have on file from her will clearly indicate the Orioles themselves brought her into this.  If the executive(s) who made the decision to initiate the credential-witch-hunt in The Warehouse would have handled his own work, none of this would have happened with her.

I reached out to several Orioles staffers via e-mail last week about my credential being revoked.  In fact, I copied nine different people and asked for someone to step in and discuss the situation with me and no one over there – no one – returned my e-mail.  On Tuesday of this week, I e-mailed an Orioles executive who made the decision to revoke my credential and told him exactly what I was going to write on Thursday.  I told him I thought it was reprehensible that they made a female staffer do their dirty work and that I was going to offer that as my opinion on Thursday.  Return e-mail?  I’m still waiting…

I also e-mailed Monica on Wednesday to let her know I was writing something on Thursday.  She was, after all, our “contact person” in this saga because she was the one who sent the e-mails informing us that Luke and I were losing our credentials.

I didn’t hear back from her, either.

So, I wrote what I wrote because that’s how it all went down.

As I said to someone who had a go at me about this yesterday:  “Since when is me writing exactly what happened the wrong thing to do?”

That a few people in town were outraged by my blog isn’t really the issue because, for the most part, those guys and gals don’t have 10% of the “real” information at their disposal.  Lashing out was their reaction because “beating up” WNST is the chic thing to do.

The Orioles were wrong for revoking our media credentials two weeks ago.

That’s not up for debate.

The way they did it was, in my opinion, also wrong.  I wouldn’t have agreed with it if the guy who “pulled the trigger” on the revoking of our credentials stood up and had some accountability, but I also would have at least said, “Well, you manned up and, if nothing else, didn’t have someone else do your dirty work for you…”

That Monica Barlow has a health issue didn’t seem to concern the Orioles when they involved her in their fight with me and/or WNST.  It concerned me enough to at least reach out to her on Wednesday and say, “I hate to bring you into this…but your boss won’t communicate with me and I need to stand up for myself because I didn’t deserve to have my credential revoked.”

People wanted to know why I brought Monica’s health up in the blog I wrote yesterday.  I did so just to give the story its proper balance, knowing full well if I didn’t bring it up, someone else WOULD, by saying, “I can’t believe you’re beating her up with her current health issues.”

First, of course, I didn’t “beat her up”.  In fact, I defended her.  I thought it was wrong that the Orioles made her play a role in this and I’ve said that enough now that everyone should understand my position.

That she has a health issue ISN’T part of the story and I didn’t intend for it to read that way.  I simply didn’t want to NOT mention it and then have to face the critics who say “you know what she’s going through, right?”

The story remains this, very simply:  The Orioles were wrong for revoking my credential – and Luke’s as well.

How they went about it is the “background story” that needed to brought out in the open.

It’s up to you to judge it from there, but I judge it as reprehensible on their part.


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  1. Robert Says:

    What this situation, as has almost all of those concerning our birds in black the past 15 years, boils down to is the O’s brass refusal to be held accountable for their atrocious results on the field, notwithstanding 2012, & the community goodwill they have utterly destroyed off the field. Unfortunately since most media in our town are little more than sycophants, the only options fans have are to either stop patronizing the team, including not paying the monthly MASN charges & stop going to OPACY, which is what I have chosen to do, or take the “BOHICA” treatment AGAIN, only asking that the O’s management be so kind as to use some K-Y before they screw the fans & community, Eeysh. Cheers.

  2. The Armchair QB Says:

    Drew: no need to defend yourself or the station. Actions speak louder than words or, put another way, behavior is reality. Anyone following the “O’s” who doesn’t acknowledge how inept they are at public relations is simply….delusional! They alienated much of their fan base over their losing years and, despite back to back winning seasons with a team of solid, young talent, they still don’t get it and probably never will! If anything, you’ve been as effusive in your approbation as you have in your criticism, which is exactly what you’re supposed to do! So, stay objective, continue to tell it like it is and to hell with your detractors……..

  3. joe of bel air Says:

    Is Bader the one responsible for yanking Luke and your credentials?

  4. Jason Manelli Says:

    Joe – I’d read between the lines and assume it was Bader. I always feel the need to mention that I get upset at the credential yanking because it effects my access to the team. The Orioles want to tell me what radio station and blog to follow – sorry O’s, that’s not the way this fan rolls. WNST is an important, authentic, populist voice in our market – they don’t deserve the treatment they’ve gotten. O’s need to develop some thicker skin – criticism is a good thing, it makes you stronger. As Harbs said – steel sharpens steel…

  5. unitastoberry Says:

    Imagine if ESPN,Fox,or The Sun had done some honest sports journalism years ago and exposed all the dirty little secrets about the Orioles and 13 years of losing like WNST does. Like how the team snubbed the 1966 World Series 40 year reunion or Brooks Robinsons gala in 2009? Or how about the MASN angle and the other mean spirited acts of this ownership group since the firing of Davey Johnson? Maybe that’s why they decided to honor the HOF O’S last summer with those wonderful statues? This is why I post here and listen daily. Go O’s!

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