Drew’s Morning Dish — Mon., July 29

July 29, 2013 | Drew Forrester

Well, that wasn’t such a great weekend at Camden Yards.

For the Orioles.

For the press box phone in the visitor’s dugout.

For Chris Davis.

None of them had a good weekend.

Actually, the Birds did manage one win in the series, that coming on Friday night when Chris Tillman officially entered the discussion of – I can’t believe I’m saying this – becoming a Cy Young Award candidate with a sparking 2-hit effort to move to 13-3 on the year.

But, that was the only highlight of the weekend.

There was that 7-3 thrashing on Saturday night that included David Ortiz going bonkers after the home plate umpire embarrassed him (first) by clearly playing the “don’t-show-me-up-game” by calling strike one on an obvious ball four when Ortiz started to unsnap his elbow guard and walk to first base as Jairo Asencio went into his wind-up.

All hell broke loose a minute or so later when Big Papi attacked the press box phone in the dugout.  It made front page news.  His tirade was the lead story on the MASN post-game show.  ESPN showed it over and over and over.

Oddly enough, no one took issue with the home plate umpire, Tim Timmons, who stepped outside of his boundary in the first place by calling a strike on a pitch that was clearly a ball just because Ortiz acted like a goof and started to walk to first base before the ball hit the catcher’s mitt.

These umpires in Major League Baseball crack me up.

They’re completely unapproachable.


Nothing they do is wrong.

Reminds me of our government.


Anyone else think Chris Davis should try corking his bat?

I mean, seriously, what on earth has happened to that dude over the last ten games?

That said, he’s bound to get hot when the Astros come to town this week.  He’ll probably hit five homers in three games and continue his assault on the 62-home run mark.


The Orioles now have L.J. Hoes on their team, which means the Birds know what it’s like to be in the Steelers Fan Club.

They have Hoes, too.


If you have a free hour or two tonight, come on out and see me at Padonia Station in Cockeysville from 8-9 pm, as I’m part of a huge Calvert Hall crew involved in a “guest bartending” event.  They have beer there, and wine, plus Keno.  All of those sound good to me.

I’ll be behind the bar from 8-9 pm.  Come on out and say “hey”.


I don’t want to be accused of being anti-soccer, again, so I’ll use this space to tell you the U.S. won the Gold Cup on Sunday by defeating Panama, 1-0.

Honestly, I didn’t watch one second of the game, so I can’t pass along any expert analysis.


No pun intended, but the Dennis Pitta injury could be crippling to the Ravens’ offense.

I get the whole “next man up” thing, but the next man up has to be good.

In this case, I’m not sure how they’re going to find anyone as productive as Pitta.  Injuries happen, of course, but there aren’t many offensive players more valuable to Joe Flacco than Pitta.

By the way, Pitta’s one hell of a nice guy.

That makes it worse.

To me, anyway.


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  1. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    I said before the series that the O’s needed to make a statement against the Red Sox & they did, the Red Sox are a way better team than the O’s. That said,if the O’s don’t add a bat or pitcher by the trade deadline, kiss your playoff chances away. 5 games out & tied for the wildcard; not looking good.

  2. Justafan Says:

    I don’t have a baseball rule book handy, but I was under the impression that if a player steps out of the batters box and is not given a time out, the umpire may call any pitch a strike, whether or not the pitch is actually in the strike zone. Could you look this up, and correct me if I am wrong.

  3. BK Says:

    Justafan – You also supposed to actually touch second base when turning a double play and that only happens about half the time and it is still called an out. The rule you are referring to is more geared towards batters taking their good old time getting ready or trying to stall a pitcher in a groove and not getting into the batters box in time to begin with in order to ‘try’ to speed up games. It is not really intended for this type of case. A ball is a ball is a ball whether he was stepping out or not, whether it was the first pitch of the year or the 202nd pitch of a 10-1 blowout. It is a ball and should be called so. Giving these idiot umpires anything more to boost their egos is only a detriment to the game. Call ball four for damn sake and maybe pull Ortiz aside later and have a PRIVATE word with him about it. Better for all.

  4. The Armchair QB Says:

    Opposing pitchers seem to have figured out Chris Davis, who freely swings at “junk pitches” and rarely walks. Don’t expect to see him get anything but “junk” to hit! Not only should David Ortiz have been ejected for his violent behavior, he should have been arrested for vandalism! Pitta’s loss will no doubt hurt, but at least it came very early in camp, giving the “next man up” a head start. When Matt Furstenburg was catching Danny O’Brien’s passes at Maryland, he looked very good and just may figure in the mix. That being said, with Jim Caldwell working with Joe Flacco as OC, my guess is that they’ll find adequate replacements at wide receiver just as he did for Peyton Manning in Indianapolis. This team has always demonstrated amazing resilience in the face of adversity over the years and there’s every reason to believe they’ll continue to do so…..

  5. Rob Miller Says:

    As a high school & NCAA baseball umpire, by rule, that pitch is a strike. If a batter leaves the box during a pitch ip without being granted time it is a strike if it hits the backstop. David “Big Dummy” Ortiz should stay in the box, take ball 4 and go about his business. He instead choose to attempt a distracting technique by stepping out while the pitcher was in go his delivery. Bush league move and even more bush league the way he acted after he swung at ball 4 on the 3-2 pitch. He’s a jackass, not the umpire in this case.

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