Drew’s Morning Dish — Mon., May 13

May 13, 2013 | Drew Forrester

I said Tiger couldn’t win at Sawgrass this past weekend.

I was wrong.

Sergio Garcia’s fiasco at 17 was a big help, of course, but Woods won the way he’s won about fifty other times in his career:  He just kept on plugging away until the rest of the field ran out of holes.

It’s “only” The Players (Championship), of course, so Tiger’s major championship total still stands at 14, but it’s a huge win against  arguably the toughest field on Tour all year — and it came on a course that has owned Woods for the better part of a decade.

As for Garcia, he made such a chump out of himself on Saturday afternoon that I expected the golf gods to act way before the 17th hole of the final round.  Then again, if you were looking to completely wreck him for the stunt he pulled on the 2nd hole of Saturday’s round, why not wait until the spotlight was the brighest — in a tie for the lead standing on the penultimate hole of the tournament?

And that’s what they did.  Those golf gods can be heartless creeps.

That Tiger won for the 4th time all season is remarkable when you remember that a pretty good player like Bob Estes has played 25 years on the Tour and has – you guessed it – a grand total of FOUR career wins.

By the way, expect a day or two of discussion about Tiger’s drop on the 14th hole in Sunday’s final round.  A few golfing experts will opine that Tiger took a “favorable” drop after dunking his tee ball into the water.  Wait for it…we’ll get a couple of days of open and obvious Tiger hate out of it, I’m sure.

Sunday’s win at Sawgrass still doesn’t change anything about Tiger’s 2013 season, though. He can win another four events between now and October but if one or more of those isn’t the U.S. Open, British Open or PGA Championship, he hasn’t accomplished anything.

Still, it was good to see Woods look a little like the old Tiger today when he needed to make a 7-footer at 15 (he did), get it up and down from the front bunker for birdie at 16 (he did) and navigate a treacherous two-putt from 50-feet at 17 (he did).  The drive and iron into 18 were clinical, as Woods didn’t open the door for anyone in the final hour of the event.

Now — let’s see what happens at Merion next month when Woods goes for the U.S. Open title in Philadelphia.

Maybe Garcia will be finished the 17th hole by then.


What?  A game 7 tonight between the Caps and Rangers?

I can’t believe it.

Of course, I absolutely CAN believe it, because in the aftermath of last Wednesday’s Game 4 loss in New York that evened the series at 2-2, I told you to get those game 7 tickets ready for Monday.

I’m so prepared for whatever happens it’s not even funny.

I’m completely expecting the Caps to lose tonight.

I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it goes when you’ve been a fan of the Washington Capitals for nearly 40 years.

I hope they win.  I’ll be super, super disappointed if they lose…but I’m expecting it.  If form holds true, it will be an overtime defeat, because — well — that’s just the way the Capitals do it.

There’s only one blessing about tonight’s game.

If the Caps do lose – I know for sure they’re not losing to the Flyers.

Philadelphia didn’t make the playoffs this season.


A weekend host on 105.7 The Fan, WKTK, said on Sunday:  “And in lacrosse today, it’s over for Towson State as they lose to Ohio State in the playoffs today, 16-6.”

Good old Towson State.

Gave it a helluva run, didn’t they?

And for those of you complaining about the Towson State thing, stop your whining.  It’s the first time Towson lacrosse has been mentioned on that station since 2005.


I’ve never had a reason to like or dislike Joba Chamberlain.

Now, I think he’s an idiot.

Forever, most likely.

I’m sure you heard about it by now, but Chamberlain was yapping with his family just above the Yankees’ dugout on Saturday in Kansas City when Mariano Rivera had to ask him to quiet down while the future of Hall of Famer was doing a TV interview.  Chamberlain reacted like a punk, saying, “Don’t ever shush me again.  You do these things (interviews) every day.  I don’t get to see my family every day.”

So, there’s that.

Chamberlain, currently on the disabled list, so effectively not even “working” at the ballpark, couldn’t have moved ten feet to his right so his BIG MOUTH didn’t interfere with Rivera.  No sir…

Then, when asked politely by Rivera to quiet down, Joba flipped out and started throwing out the disrespect card and talking about getting “shushed”.

What a clown.


Sad to hear about the passing of my friend Toni Linhart.

Toni was the guy who sent my Dad and I home happy after “The Fog Game” when the Colts beat Miami, 10-7, in 1975.  He was a former Austrian soccer player who later made a living kicking field goals in the NFL and he was one of a handful of former Colts I befriended via the charity golf circuit.  We also talked a lot of soccer over the years as well.

I probably saw Toni 5-6 times a summer and he was as genuine a guy as you’d ever meet.

About two months ago, a mutual acquaintance told me Toni was sick, but I had no idea it was that serious.

I wish I would have known…

RIP Toni.  There’s no fog where you’re going, pal, just clear skies and no wind, just the way you always preferred!