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September 09, 2013 | Drew Forrester

You people are hilarious.

“Ozzie sucks…”

“I love Ozzie, but he’s losing it…”

“Might be time for the Ravens to start priming Eric DeCosta for the job…”

“Trading Boldin like that should be a fireable offense for Oz…”

Those are just four comments I hand-picked out of more than two dozen e-mails from you nut-jobs on Sunday evening after Anquan Boldin had a field day against that horrible Green Bay secondary.

First, let me say this:  I like Boldin as a football player.  I think we all remember his play in the post-season a year ago and wonder how resourceful he and Joe Flacco would have been in 2013.  As I like to say anytime I’m impressed with someone’s performance: “he can play for my team…”

That said, the Ravens didn’t kick Boldin to the curb last spring.

It’s not like they said, “Q, we don’t think you can play anymore, so we’ll trade you to San Francisco for some airline tickets…”

They did the same thing to Boldin, primarily, that they’re going to have to do to Terrell Suggs next spring.  They said to Boldin, “We love you, but we don’t think you’re a $7 million football player (in value) anymore…”  They’re going to have the exact same conversation with Suggs, although the number will admittedly be higher.  And Siz will either allow for his contract to be re-structured or the Ravens will either trade or cut him.

As the dude said at the end of Training Day when he was going to shoot Ethan Hawke only to find out he (Hawke) saved his little cousin from getting raped in MacArthur Park earlier in the day:  “You know this is just business, right?”

It was always “just business” with Boldin in Baltimore.

Anquan Boldin had a choice to make.  He could have taken a two million dollar salary reduction and he’d still be in purple – where he’d be 0-1 after a week one beating in Denver.

This is the point, by the way, where you’re allowed to ask “Why did the Ravens want to reduce his salary?” and you might be able to make a fair point about the whole thing.  I don’t know the answer to that, other than to say people who know a lot more about football and the salary cap sat in a room and agreed that Boldin was no longer a $7 million football player.  Based on their track record here in Baltimore, I’d say those people know what they’re doing.

It should be pointed out, again, that the Ravens didn’t “cut” Anquan Boldin.  They didn’t say, “You, sir, can’t play anymore…”

They simply said, “We’d like to re-structure your contract.”

It happens ALL THE TIME in the NFL.  It doesn’t happen in baseball because the CBA doesn’t allow for it, but can you imagine the conversation the Orioles would be having with Nick Markakis right about now if, in fact, baseball players were allowed to have their contracts re-worked?

So, while I know you’re frustrated at watching Boldin make 81 catches yesterday against Green Bay, just remember the facts about his situation in Baltimore.

He was a productive regular season player…who turned in some outstanding playoff performances over the years, capped off by a great post-season run last season and a Super Bowl ring in February.

And, while there’s no doubt he would be a welcome sight on this year’s suspect receiving crew, the fact of the matter is that Boldin isn’t a Raven anymore because he decided to leave.  He was given the option of staying – albeit at a reduced price – and he said, “no thank you…”

Terrell Suggs will be given the exact same option next spring.


It’s simply amazing how the Orioles “Communications” Department works…

Get this:

Last week, they revoked my media credential (and Luke’s) for the rest of the season because Bud Norris appeared on Glenn’s show.

They basically said, “WNST is no longer allowed to cover the games at Oriole Park.”

Yesterday, though, in an incredibly ballsy move, they had the nerve to send me a press release about some sort of discount ticket offer they’re providing to fans for an upcoming series.

Unreal, huh?

“You’re no longer allowed to come to the stadium and cover the games — but, oh, by the way, would you please read this press release and mention the ticket discount to your listeners?”

You can’t make this stuff up.



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  1. Robert Says:

    “Even a dog distinguishes between being stumbled over and being kicked.” Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr, The Common Law, 1881

    (DF: Great one! LOL)

  2. Lisa, Aberdeen Says:


    The Boldin issue – you hit the nail on the head. It was very frustrating (actually aggravating) to read on social media all night “And why did we get rid of Boldin again”? My answer, b/c HE chose to. I didn’t see any Ozzie comments but then again, I only gave social media about an hour after the game.

    I think I’m going to share this blog on my FB page.


    Lisa, Aberdeen

  3. Chuck Says:

    Boldin just a minute ago made another catch in traffic for a first down to extend a drive.

  4. unitastoberry Says:

    Time to move on about Boldin. Just think how all those people in Cincinnati still feel about trading Frank Robinson for Milt Pappas. Or the Orioles getting rid of Don Baylor.
    Get over it. We got a ring out of him.

  5. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    15,350,000.00 that’s the salary for a 9 hr, 53 rbi, .269 batting average, 1 gold glove player who plays right field for the O’s. Markakis is a prime example of what’s wrong with baseball salaries. He would not be starting for any other playoff team. As I said before, boy did he pull the wool over on Angelos with that contract, gee too bad Peter !!!

  6. RJ Says:

    In the end it will come down to whether or not the ‘revamped’ Defense will equal, or exceed the worth of Boldin to the team – the money they saved on Boldin’s contract went into revamping the D. Time will tell.

  7. The Armchair QB Says:

    Easy to second guess after Boldin’s “career” day yesterday, but your point’s are well taken. Additionally, Boldin would often disappear in Cameron’s pathetic offense, so his use here until the playoffs last year was always questionable. Also, the Ravens, despite looking horrible Thursday night, managed to score enough points to win most games, but thanks to Dean Pees’ 4 man rush, the defense gave up 7 TD passes and Boldin Doesn’t play….defense!

  8. DF is missing the point Says:

    It is foolish to believe Oz traded Boldin away for a mere 2 million. He knew the player he had and 2 million was not more important than Q’s production. The money paid to David Reed, Dallas Clark, Brandon Stokley,
    and now Doss exceeds 2 million. Boldin was cast off because he was a head strong veteran and represented a threat to Harbaugh’s fragile ego. This was Harbaugh’s chance to clear the roster of these “threats”. There is only one left, and Suggs will likely be gone at year’s end when Harbaugh’s desires align with what is plausible for the masses salary cap wise. Think about it.
    Are we also supposed to believe Huff or Ihedigbo represent a talent upgrade over Pollard? The money is comparable. There’s another reason folks. Harbaugh is beginning to think his “vast” coaching abilities outweigh talent. When coaches start thinking its more about them then the talent, like Brian Billick did, its all down hill. This is not the Boy Scouts; it’s the NFL and its full of characters.

    (DF: LOL. You people are hilarious.)

  9. Chris from Bel Air Says:

    Good article Drew. I can guarantee though if I just helped my team win the Super Bowl, with significant contributions mind you, and my boss said how does a 30% pay cut sound, I’m pretty sure that woudn’t fly too well.

  10. jpetrosino Says:

    If you truely believe this was a “business” decision based on Boldin’s production, then it’s fair to say Ozzy has poor business instincts. What Ozzy failed to do in his analysis was measure Boldin’s production after they fired Cam. His production skyrocketed once the Raven’s started using Boldin correctly. So once you measure his production from Dec 2012 thru the playoffs you can easily project that Boldin is a CLEAR #1 WR on most teams which commands a premium.

    So, let’s not pretend Ozzy made a smart business decision based on the “facts”. The art of being a good GM is that sometimes it doesn’t boil down to how many catches and yards he completed over his Raven’s tenure. As a Raven’s GM you got to ask yourself this: Why did Boldin suck pre-Cam and looks all-world post-Cam? Ozzy failed to do ask this question in his overall analysis of Boldin (btw, the answer is b/c Cam sucked as the Off corrdinator and didn’t use Boldin the right way).

    So, as we all saw with our own eyes in the post-Cam era (once Boldin was used correctly) he was a beast and there was no indication that would be any different in the 2013 season. This is the correct conclusion Ozzy & Co should have made.

    Shame on the Raven’s brass.

  11. unitastoberry Says:

    @ Armchair QB. Your right the best defense has and always will be to put the QB on or near his butt. Pees is already on the block.

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