Drew’s Morning Dish — Thurs., August 29

August 29, 2013 | Drew Forrester

And the Orioles now have a magic number of nine.


I’m working in reverse, actually.  Usually the magic number is used to calculate how many wins (or other team’s losses) a team needs to clinch a playoff spot.  In this case, I’m using losses as a magic number for eliminating the Orioles from post-season play in 2013.

Their magic number is now nine.  If they lose nine more games this season, the best they can finish is 92-70.  That won’t get them in the playoffs, I’m afraid.  I’m not 100% sure 93-69 – matching their record of a year ago – will get them in either, but 92-70 will not qualify them for post-season play in 2013.

Right now, at 70-61, the Birds are staring early October golf square in the face.

Wednesday night’s give-away at Fenway Park was particularly painful with the news that Oakland, Texas and Tampa Bay were all victorious.  Those three are the most likely of the American League challengers to reach at least 93 wins and if all three of them do, that leaves the Orioles on the outside looking in (assuming Boston is going to finish with 93 or better, which they will).

I’m not giving up hope yet.

In their final 33 games a season ago, the Birds crafted a 22-11 record and made the playoffs.

It can be done.

But…that was then, this is now.

We’re down to our final nine losses.


Johnny Manziel got suspended for one half of a football game?

Why not just take away his pre-game massage for all conference games in 2013?

Or give him 3.5 hours of community service in College Station?

Wait…I have a better punishment than all of those for Manziel:  Make him go to class for ten straight days.

That’ll teach him a HARD lesson about running afoul of the NCAA rules.


No matter what happens tonight when Towson University tees it up at UConn in the Tigers’ football season opener, now would be a good time to mention how great of a job Rob Ambrose has done since he arrived on the scene five years ago.

He – along with the administration who decided to make football important at TU – has almost single-handedly revived a Towson football program that had become an absolute laughingstock.

They’ve had some good football players over there since Ambrose showed up in 2009, but none of their success happens without the coach.

He’s done one helluva job and it wouldn’t shock me at all to see them beat the Huskies tonight.


Aaron Hernandez used PCP and carried a weapon with him throughout his NFL career with the Patriots?

Sounds to me like he should be trying out for a team in the NBA.


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  1. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    I usually never say never, but it’s not looking to good for the O’s playoff chances ! Back to non meaningful games in Sept.

  2. The Armchair QB Says:

    To quote an old country song, “Turn out the lights, the party’s over…….” There’s still a chance that the “O’s” make the playoffs and just to be in the mix at this late stage of the season is exciting, but the reality is that the bullpen just isn’t as reliable as it was last year, they have gone all season without a legitimate DH and they have not been able to “manufacture” runs, all of which has them on the outside looking in! However, “hope springs eternal”……

  3. Rob Miller Says:

    Couldn’t agree more with your comments on Coach Ambrose. He has done one hell of a job at Towson. I wonder how much longer they can keep him around with the success he’s had until a D1 BCS school comes calling with a few million a year to hire him. He’s young, successful and looks the part to be a D1 programs top ball coach.

  4. unitastoberry Says:

    Sad how things have gone for the O’s this year. When Angelos magically appeared in the locker room after the playoff loss to NY he promised they would be back next year. Right now that’s not looking so good and mostly because the team failed to go out last off season and shore up some holes they had last year. No I’m not talking about some of this years problems like bullpen or Weiters batting average but last years problems like DH,starting pitcher,and 2nd base.

    I don’t know much about college football but what this guy Ambrose is doing at TSU is rather impressive. If the loser down at Maryland has another cellar dwelling year fire him and hire this guy Ambrose before he ends up at another D1 school.

  5. John In Westminster Says:

    As stated before, the O’s used up more than their fair share of 1-run victories last year and are slowly but surely slipping back into mediocrity. For some reason the main media complaint is about the pitching. However, I don’t think its possible to win many games scoring 3 runs or less.

    Enough with this D1 talk. Keep Coach Ambrose at TU!! Go TIGERS!

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