Drew’s Morning Dish — Thurs., August 8

August 08, 2013 | Drew Forrester

In honor of the Ravens and Tampa Bay Bucs pre-season opener tonight, I’ll actually be inside the football stadium in downtown Baltimore this evening.

I’ve been waiting for tonight since ticket sales were announced back in April.

I’m “front and center” for the Jay Z (no more hyphen in Jay’s name…used to be Jay-Z, now it’s Jay Z — more sophisticated looking, I’d say) and Justin Timberlake show this evening at M&T Bank Stadium.

“Brooklyn Go Hard.” (He better “go hard” tonight…at $125 per-ticket)


It’s with great delight that I let you in on a little secret.

No, it has nothing do with the Powerball numbers, although you can definitely “Get This Money” if you follow my advice and place a boatload on my pick to win this week’s PGA Championship.

The winner, this weekend in Rochester, NY, will be:  Jason Dufner.

Actually, don’t take me seriously on that wagering thing.  I mean, I really do believe Dufner is gonna win, but the last time I said something like this, a reader blew a gasket telling me how awful of a human being I am for encouraging people to gamble away their hard earned money when my prediction turned out to be wrong.

So, in fact, let me say this now:  Do NOT bet on Jason Dufner to win the PGA Championship this weekend.

You’ll be sorry you didn’t bet on him, of course, but I’m telling you now:  Don’t bet on him.

That disclaimer should keep the trolls from lashing out.


Stick a fork in the Indians of Cleveland.  I mean, “You Can’t Knock The Hustle” of Terry Francona’s team, but in their moment of truth this week against Detroit, they fell flat on their pretty Nick Swisher faces.

When this series started in The Land of Cleve, the Indians fancied themselves division title contenders.

Three games later – and three Detroit wins now in the books – I think the ol’ Cleat of Reality has been firmly delivered to the Indians.

I couldn’t care less, but if they do continue to struggle, I somehow hope the Cleveland struggles are tied to relief pitcher Chris Perez…aka “Dope Man”.


What am I looking for in tonight’s Ravens/Tampa Bay pre-season opener?

Zero.  It’s a pre-season game.

Actually, I’ll be at the concert, so I won’t be looking at anything, but I will DVR the game and if for some reason when I stumble in at 1am Friday morning I feel like watching some of it, I will.

I’ll rely on Luke Jones for all of my expert analysis on Friday morning during the show.

In the meantime, if John Harbaugh allowed me to give the pre-game speech tonight, I’d walk into the locker room at Raymond James Stadium and gather the team around…I’d say…”Show Me What You Got”.

And then I’d leave.

Stirring, huh?


The Great Jim Nantz is on today’s show with me at 8:50 am.

That’s “As Real As It Gets”.

We’ll be talking PGA Championship, NFL Football and, most likely, I’ll offer to be Jim’s personal valet at next year’s Masters toon-a-ment in Augusta.

He’s the greatest in my book.