Drew’s Morning Dish — Thurs., July 11

July 11, 2013 | Drew Forrester

Well, the chips have started to fall in place for Aaron Hernandez.

The two guys with him on the night Odin Lloyd died evidently had a conversation in which one of them (Ernest Wallace) told Ortiz that Hernandez confessed to him that he was the one who shot Lloyd.

Yesterday, it was revealed Ortiz — sit down, this is going to be a shock — has a long criminal history.

In other words, “you can’t trust a criminal to tell the truth”.

I still say the other twenty pieces of solid evidence will be enough to convict Hernandez, but you can just hear his attorney now, trying to convince the jury that the miscreants who hung around the Patriots’ tight end were the ones who brought HIM down…and he was just the victim of a couple of thug groupies.

This will be worth following, of course, because it’s very obvious Aaron Hernandez killed a guy and he’ll somehow try and defend himself — mostly by just lying about it, I assume.


Speaking of murder, the Tsarnaev kid who blew up the Boston Marathon plead not guilty yesterday.

Of course he did.

And I believe him too.  I mean, those backpacks he and his dead brother carried around on the day of the Marathon…lots of people carry those backpacks around town.

Yes, I know, they left them near the finish line.  But that happens.  Haven’t you ever left your car keys on the kitchen table and made it out to the car only to say “Damn, my keys…”

So, just because they carried backpacks around and accidentally left them at the finish line…that doesn’t make them guilty.

Maybe it just means they have a bad memory.

I know what you’re saying…”Well, Drew, if they didn’t do anything wrong, why were they running from the law?  Why did they car-jack some dude’s vehicle?  Why tell that guy they did, in fact, blow up the Boston Marathon?”

Answer:  Because.  They.  Are.  Guilty.

Fortunately, one of the two bombers is no longer with us, which means our government doesn’t have to spend any more money on him.

If we’re lucky, the other one won’t be around long, either.


I have eleven teams already signed up for the WNST Charity Golf Outing on October 14 at Mountain Branch.

We can only take twenty five, total, so we’re just about halfway to being sold out.

If you’re interested in a foursome, send me an email (drew@wnst.net).

Next week we’ll unveil our charity benefactor and continue to prepare for a great event on October 14.  I hope you can join us!