Drew’s Morning Dish — Thurs., July 25

July 25, 2013 | Drew Forrester

If the U.S. Soccer team doubled as a player in major league baseball, we’d be snickering about their “performance” and wondering when they last visited with Dr. Anthony Bosch.

Seriously — this U.S. team has to be “on something”, right?

I’ve been watching the men’s national team since the mid ’80’s and I can say,  without question, the last two months of soccer they’ve produced have been as good as any I’ve ever seen.

And a handful of those games, like last night’s 3-1 win over Honduras, have come with a “B+” roster.

Wednesday night in Dallas, it was over before the clock reached the 20 minute mark, as the team’s two hottest offensive players – Eddie Johnson and Landon Donovan – extinguished the visitors with a pair of tallies.  Johnson, an on-again, off-again member of the team over the last four years, has suddenly thrust himself into discussion for next summer’s World Cup in Brazil, while Donovan has returned with brilliance after a self-imposed 11-month “hiatus” from the club while he tried to figure out whether or not he really liked soccer anymore.

It’s a U.S. team we haven’t seen before, honestly, so forgive folks like me if we’re watching these games in awe.

Sunday in Chicago, they’ll play Panama in the Gold Cup Final.

After a run that has seen them knock off quality sides like Costa Rica and Honduras, you’d expect them to dispose of Panama and win the title.

But, that’s why they play the games.

I’ll be watching on Sunday.


If you’re watching the Orioles and Royals on TV tonight and J.J. Hardy happens to ground out, watch what happens as he crosses first base.

Unless it’s just me – and it’s not, as you’ll see – every single time Hardy gets to first base on a ground out, he has this weird move that looks like he’s “pulling up lame”.

He doesn’t grab his hamstring as he crosses first, but it looks like he wants to every time.

Watch and see.

It’s weird.


Chris Davis doesn’t have a home run since last Monday when he was at the home run derby in New York.

I’m not saying anything about anything there.

He went 0-fer three games in Texas and he’s 0-fer in KC through three games.

Just pointing it out.


I’m down to #2 on my list of the all-time most “under-appreciated” bands of my generation.

These guys could clearly be #1, but they’re not.

They could be, though.

They were GREAT.

I think they’re still trying to make a go of it, actually, but their just doing reunion tour stuff right now.  Their best days are behind them, but holy cow, when they were “on”, they were really, really freaking good.



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  1. Not a Buck fan Says:

    There’s a reason Buck has been run out of every town he’s managed in (NY, Tex, AZ). Ironically, those teams realized their potential after he left. There’s no good reason for leaving Chen in to face Hosmer in the 8th with a chance to tie the game. He had thrown over 100 pitches and Hosmer had already went deep off of him. Buck is a good man and has many good qualities you want in a manager, but he’s not the guy to lead a team to the promised land. The proof is in his track record.

  2. Am a Buck Fan Says:

    I would not have let Chen pitch the 8th period, there really wasn’t anything to gain from it. That being said I think Buck has done a great job, and I don’t think a lot of guys have realized their potential until Buck came along, Crush, Adam Jones, guys like Nate McClouth.

    What I heard from the previous post is Buck builds a team that realizes their potential and goes on to win in the future. Stop me if I’m wrong but that’s the right direction is it not?

    We could be complaining about Lee Mazzilli or Sam Perlozzo and how many games BELOW 500 and how many games out of first we are already.

    Cut Buck some slack.

  3. Confused Says:

    Buck had O’Day up and ready to come in after Hosmer – regardless. Can someone explain to me why in the hell he left him in to face Hosmer again? This has to be the most senseless thing he has done as a manager. The move would have been Matusz. Did he hit his head in the dugout? This loss is on Buck completely.

  4. Not a Buck fan Says:

    Buck is a solid manager and leader. There is no doubt about that.. Further, he’s the best manager the O’s have had since Davey Johnson. However, there is a reason(s) his clubs never get to the next level. I don’t know if its because he over thinks things and/or has little feel for the game. Why in the world was the teams’s hottest bat (Wieters) on the bench two nights ago? He should’ve been the DH if he wanted to give him the night from behind the plate. Hell, they just got back from the All Star break! Why does he have such a hard time adjusting and using sensible intuition? The only logical excuse I would accept for him leaving Chen in to face Hosmer is that Buck fell asleep in the dugout. It’s these types of inexcusable, poor decisions by a manager that costs teams games that will inhibit them from achieving what they’re otherwise capable of. A blown game here, a blown game there, and they’ll be on the outside looking in or going home early. The margin of error in this division is slight.

  5. BK Says:

    There is a reason MOST clubs do not get to the next level and win the World Series. Because it is hard to do! Coaches can only do so much. The players ultimately determine who wins the championship or not, along with what owners/GM’s provide coaches with the right players. There are not many managers I would take over Buck. Criticize him here and there all you like, but to say he is not the guy to take them further is just plain idiotic and typical B-more drivel.

    Most of the band list has been good, but I would have to disagree with REM as being an ‘under-appreciated’ band. If anything, they were over-appreciated. They ruled the 80’s and 90’s. They were one of the most popular bands for over a decade and were one of the most played bands on the radio during that time. Michael Stipe was all over the media during that time and ‘Losing my Religion’ may as well been the national anthem for a 2 or 3 year period. Nothing wrong with the band, but certainly not ‘under-appreciated’.

  6. Not a Buck fan Says:

    BK: You can say its idiotic to state that Buck is not the guy to get a team to the next level.

    However, do you know what else you can call it? A FACT

  7. Justafan Says:

    Whether or not Buck is able to take a team to the next level, there is one thing for sure! Buck wins a lot of games, a lot more than many of the other big league managers do. Every team in baseball has games they feel they should have won but didn’t. Every manager second guesses himself on moves that maybe they should have made but didn’t. That’s baseball!

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