Drew’s Morning Dish — Thurs., June 13

June 13, 2013 | Drew Forrester

They played nearly two full hockey games last night in Chicago.

And, at the end, both teams were still going 100%.

That’s why Stanley Cup playoff hockey is the best of the best when it comes to evaluating the various playoffs in the world of sports.

Chicago won the game, 4-3 in three overtimes, and the hockey in the first, second and third sudden death sessions was just spine-tingling.

Hockey players are the best athletes in the world.

I just can’t say it enough:  If you’re not watching the Stanley Cup Finals, you’re missing some of the best sports theater you’ll ever see.


I told you guys six weeks ago that Pedro Strop was a liability.

The Orioles have basically kept him on the major league team because “someone will take him” if they have to put him through waivers en route to the minor leagues.

Yep, perhaps that’s what would happen.

And then he could pitch for some other team and drive them nuts.

I’m not sure why the Orioles didn’t give him a handful of minor league games to sort out his issues after his – ahem – “back injury” three weeks ago.

Isn’t that why the Birds created that scenario in the first place?  They needed time to figure out what to do with Strop – and in fairness to him, he might have benefitted from a two week stint in Norfolk as well.

Instead, as soon as – ahem – his back cleared up, they brought him to Baltimore and the malady lingered on.

He’s not the only pitcher struggling, granted, but the bullpen needs to be hitting on all cylinders in order for the Orioles to contend in the American League East.

Right now, the only thing Strop’s hitting is opposing bats.


Omar Brown missed yesterday’s mandatory mini-camp workout with the Ravens.

I’m not sure if that’s important or not.

I’m guessing it isn’t, mainly because I forgot he was on the team.


I’m about halfway through Purple Reign 2, Nestor’s re-visit of the Ravens 2012 season their Super Bowl triumph in February.

I think it’s excellent.

Really…excellent work.  I know he put in a lot of work on it and it shows.

Nicely done.