Drew’s Morning Dish — Thurs., June 6

June 06, 2013 | Drew Forrester

So much for a sweep of the lowly Astros.

And so much for any thoughts that Freddy Garcia might turn out to be this season’s feel good story.

Actually, I take that back.  The Astros felt pretty good about Garcia last night, pumping four homers off of him before Buck mercifully ended his night in the 4th inning.

Even though it’s only one game – and an 11-7 loss has the same impact in the standings as a 2-1 loss – Freddy’s start on Wednesday night in Houston is proof-positive of the Orioles’ biggest concern over the last four months of the season.  You just can’t keep having nights where the starter only gives you four or five innings.  Granted, it’s been a wee bit better in that department over the last ten games, but not enough to throw worry out the window.

Not saying today’s finale in Houston is must-win or anything…but it wouldn’t be too cool to drop two of three to the Astros.


If ever you needed documentation that Major League Baseball umpires need to have their collective wings clipped, it came on Tuesday night in New York, where the home plate ump ejected Cleveland’s Mike Aviles — AFTER the game ended.

Aviles was aggravated about some balls and strikes calls from earlier at bats and got a tad mouthy in the 9th inning when the umpire called a foul ball on a pitch that clearly didn’t hit Aviles’ bat.  Moments later, he flew out to end the game.  As the ball was caught and the game ended, Aviles said something to “Big Blue”.  He was then ejected.

The game was over.

Aviles was thrown out of a game that had actually ended moments earlier.

Laughable?  Yes.

Symbolic of the a-hole trait a lot of umpires seem to have developed these days?  Yes.


I’m taking Miami LeBron to beat the Spurs in seven games in the NBA Finals.

It might turn out to be one of those epic series’, in fact.

There’s no doubt home court will matter — and with the Heat  LeBron having Games 1, 2, 6 and 7 at home, that’s just enough to push Miami LeBron over the top for a second consecutive season.


So, the Alabama football team evidently made the NCAA “Honor Roll” for academic success in 2012-2013.

Good for them.

Even better, good for the people in Tuscaloosa who took the tests for the football players.

Give those folks a raise.



Rick from Reisterstown will be in on Thursday morning for his patented call of The Belmont.

Honestly, I don’t even know who’s in the race.

It’s the Belmont and we can’t have a Triple Crown winner.

That says it all.

But Rick’s call will heighten my interest.

At least I’ll know which horse to NOT bet on come Saturday afternoon.