Drew’s Morning Dish — Thurs., May 23

May 23, 2013 | Drew Forrester

I need to start gambling again.

If you surf your way back to Monday morning’s edition of Drew’s Morning Dish, you’ll see where I said, “The Orioles will win the series with the Yankees.  You can make book on that.”

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

As the great Forrest Gump once said: “And that’s all I have to say about that…”

I figured I’d bring it up and pat my own back since none of you people will do it.


Michael Crabtree’s injury – apparently a season-ender – is even more proof to me that these midde-of-May “practice sessions” are silly and more risk than reward for teams like the 49’ers who might have one or two roster spots open for 2014.

Imagine – and go ahead and knock on wood here (I am) – if Torrey Smith blows out his ACL today.  For what?

I get it, believe me.

I know why the teams want these OTAs and off-season mandatory work-outs and stuff like that.  It’s simple:  They have an inherent distrust of roughly 80% of their roster, I assume.  So, this is the way they keep their eye on those guys throughout the off-season.  The teams realize that keeping a guy under your watchful eye increases the chances he won’t do something stupid like get busted for weed or take a swing at his wife/girlfriend or get caught with a gun in his car during a routine traffic stop.

That said…I think the 49’ers would take all of those risks this morning in lieu of losing their top wide receiver for the season.

And so would the Ravens if Torrey Smith or Terrell Suggs or Ray Rice went down today with a season-ending injury.


I’ve read and watched nearly all of the coverage of “Fried Chicken Gate” over the last couple of days and here’s my position on the whole flap between Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia.

At its root, way, way down there somewhere, the tension is all about one thing:  Garcia’s not a winner.

He doesn’t carry himself like a winner.  When it rains on the first tee, he complains that it only rains for him and “other guys” (code word: Tiger) never seem to get the bad end of the weather draw.  His over-reaction at TPC Sawgrass a few weeks back exposed him as someone who is always worried about “the other guy” and not paying enough attention to what’s in front of him — a golf shot.  And, like most young men who were extraordinarily talented in their teen-age years, Garcia just assumed he’d come out on the pro tour and light everyone up.  When that didn’t happen, he became flummoxed and turned into an idiot.

You haven’t seen Phil Mickelson behave like Garcia.  Neither has Ernie Els.  And those two have been run-over by Woods in their respective careers, but both have been successful enough that they just take what they get and move on from there.

Sergio Garcia has made a lot of money (38 million) in his career but he’s not a winner.

Woods, meanwhile — all he’s done is win.

And it eats Garcia up.

The fried chicken comment was stupid, obviously, but like most of these vocal blunders, a mountain is usually made out of a molehill and it was in this case because of one reason:  Garcia has openly claimed he doesn’t like Tiger.  That’s why this particular incident looks more messy than it really is, in my opinion.