Drew’s Morning Dish — Thurs., May 30

May 30, 2013 | Drew Forrester

If the Orioles can get any kind of good pitching – legitimate, “good” major league pitching – between here and the end of September, they can win the American League East in a walk.

I’m talking by more than five games.  As in, division sewed up with a week left in the season.

But me saying “if the Orioles can get any kind of good pitching” and the Orioles actually following suit and doing so are two different things.

It might mean – you’re gonna love this – they have to cough up an excellent prospect or two and pay half of Cliff Lee’s $20 million-plus a year salary to pry him away from the Phillies at the deadline.  Maybe they can snag Jake Peavy from the White Sox once they’re out of the race by the end of June.  He makes $14.5 million a year, so the Birds would again be on the hook for a large chunk of change.  I know…the Orioles? Spend money on pitching?  Fat chance.

But, seriously, it would appear as if this current crop of pitchers isn’t going to be good enough – as a unit – to get the job done this season.

I hope the team doesn’t waste this opportunity they have, because the offense is spectacular.

Cam Cameron couldn’t foul it up.

But — there’s the pitching.

As solid and dependable as the Orioles are with the bats most nights, they’re equally dysfunctional on the mound.

The offense will be there all summer.

This Orioles team can win the division, easily.

If they get the pitching they need.

It’s up to them to go get it, somehow.


Yesterday’s press conference at The Memorial featured yet another series of questions about “Garcia-Gate” for Tiger Woods.

We’ve now learned that Sergio still hasn’t called Tiger, personally, to apologize for his fried chicken comment.

So, the saga continues.

This wouldn’t be an ongoing story if Garcia would have just picked up the phone and called Tiger himself.  Instead, because this is what elite athletes do, I suppose, Garcia had “his people” get him the number for Tiger’s agent…and then he called Mark Steinberg to tell HIM to make sure Tiger knows Garcia meant no harm by his comments.


Why wouldn’t Garcia just call Tiger himself?

If he can’t get the number, check in with any of the hostesses of Orlando-based night clubs.  They have it.

Why on earth wouldn’t Garcia just called Woods directly?

You said the stupid fried chicken comment, Sergio.  You make the call.  I know it’s tough to swallow your pride when you were involved in a week-long-dig-contest with Woods, but that’s the way it goes.

Two adults — one owes the other apology.  Can’t just call the guy directly.



Last night I attended the season-ending Calvert Hall Varsity Sports Banquet, where the school honored the five teams who compete in various spring sports at Calvert Hall.

Our MIAA championship golf team included six seniors, five of whom played regularly, and all six are heading off to college in September at various locations around the country — Elon, San Diego State, CalU of Pennsylvania, Coastal Carolina and Towson University (2).

All thirteen of my young men were integral to our championship season, but the seniors always stand out because they’re the ones who are in for “one final ride”, to borrow a Ray Lewis term.

Despite the inadequacies of our national and local government, these six young men will find success in whatever line of work they choose four years from now.  If our country gets turned over to people like Kevin Culloty, Ryan Howard, Nick Smearman, Jimmy Grem, Jake Hormes and Ben Capone, we’re in good shape, trust me.

Aside from being outstanding golfers – as their gold championship jackets show – they’re even better young men.


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  1. OVER40DON Says:

    CONGRATS COACH!!!! Never mind winning the division, if they make the playoffs the Orioles can’t go anywhere with the current pitching staff.

  2. unitastoberry Says:

    Your right about the pitching. If they really want to try to win it all thay have to make a mid season deal and spend some MASN money.

  3. dave hittinger Says:

    Yeah spend money on some pitching…original thought.

  4. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    Don’t see Angelos opening up the bank account & spending it on pitching & who loses, the FANS !!!

  5. tsnamm Says:

    Well Drew…what you are saying makes perfect sense, which means the Orioles won’t do it…when it comes to pitching, the Orioles are going to try and make Buck cobble together a low cost mix of minor leaguers and scrap heap rejects. Truthfully all they need is 1 “ace” or “stopper”. The kind of a pitcher that can be counted on to stop losing streaks, win big games, face other contenders “aces” and mentor the young guys with potential. That means going after the top flight guys who cost money, rather than going after somewhat cheaper middle of the road guys who cost all most as much. Just so they can say “see we spent some money”. And when they fail to live up to expectations, management can say “see spending on pitching doesn’t pay”. The problem is obviously that ALL pitching is expensive on the free agent market. The trick is to be able to distinguish between those pitchers that are worth spending on and those that are not. Rather than “dumpster diving” as you aptly describe it, they need to go after quality and value. Lets see if they do.

  6. The Armchair QB Says:

    Nice tribute to your golfers, Drew, and congratulations on their/your success! The weeks old Garcia/Woods controversy is no longer worthy of comment except to say that BOTH are giving golf a bad name! As for the O’s, agree as to the need for a quality starter, but they seem content to duplicate last year’s successful formula of “next man up”, to borrow a Ravens’ phrase…….

  7. Craig Says:

    I known our pitching has opportunity for growth but can WNST cover why ghe Os offense has been so good this yr? Team hasnt changed much but offense is on.

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