Drew’s Morning Dish — Thurs., September 12

September 12, 2013 | Drew Forrester

I’ll say it, even though it won’t be popular.  I’m going to say it because, frankly, it deserves to be said:  The Yankees have more guts than the Orioles.


Call it whatever you want; intestinal fortitude, guts, stones, mettle.  Whatever the word you apply, stick it to Joe Girardi’s team and move on.

They are one gutsy bunch.

They’ve been that way all season, really.  No Jeter, no Teixeira, no A-Rod until August.  They patched together a lineup that was noble in effort but not much more.  There’s no way – particularly with their star pitcher struggling all season – the Yankees should be in the playoff race, but they are.

And there’s no way they should have won two games in this series in Baltimore, but they have.  And they won two mainly because when they faced deficits of 4-1 on Tuesday and 3-1 on Wednesday, they “buckled up” and got the job done when it mattered.  There was the four-run uprising in the 8th inning on Tuesday and then a two-run 9th put them up for good on Wednesday night.

When the game was on the line the last two nights, the Yankees came through.   When the game was on the line the last two nights, the Orioles didn’t.

You probably don’t like reading that, mainly because you’re a homer who would never stoop so low as to openly compliment the Bronx Bombers.  That’s cool.  It’s my job, however, to sort through the rubble and the dislike and all that other stuff and present the truth to you.  It’s then your call as to what you do with it.

When it comes to guts, the Yankees have more of it than the Orioles.

The Birds aren’t gut-less – as in, having NO guts – mind you.  They’re fighters, as evidenced by the 9th inning last night when they tried to mount an improbable rally against Mariano Rivera.

But, New York – this season – has more fire in their belly than Baltimore.  In fact, it’s the only reason they’re still in the playoff race.

They have big time guts.

If the Orioles had any ability at all to finish off a wobbly opponent, they’d be up in this four-game series 3-0 and have the Yankees just about dead and buried in the 2013 playoff race.

Instead, by virtue of last night’s thievery at OPACY, it’s New York that has the Orioles on the ropes.  I can’t imagine Phil Hughes with his inflated ERA and lack of 2013 pedigree is beating the Birds tonight in the series finale, but if that should happen and Buck’s boys drop three of four, it will severely damage their playoff hopes.

Even Alex Rodriguez and Mark Reynolds have come through for the Yankees in this series.

That’s when you know they’re pulling out all the stops.


There’s been no mention of it in the 4-game series — but I’ll admit the Orioles don’t have to publicly “pre-promote” what they’re doing for Mariano Rivera in this, his final regular season stop ever in Baltimore.

So, I’m not overly concerned that three games have passed and we haven’t heard a peep from The Warehouse with regard to what they intend to do tonight for #42 to show their appreciation for the way he’s conducted himself throughout his career.

I’ll just say this and leave it alone for now:

The Orioles BETTER do “something” tonight for Mariano Rivera.

I assume they’re going to.

I “know” they’re going to, in that it’s so obviously the right thing to do that even the Orioles can’t possibly foul this thing up.

That said, you’re talking about an organization that revoked the media credentials of two people last week and neither of those people did anything to violate their silly rules.

The Orioles, as we all know, march to the beat of their own drummer when it comes to matters involving public relations.

Once more for impact:  The Orioles BETTER do something tonight for Mariano Rivera.