Drew’s Morning Dish — Tues., August 13

August 13, 2013 | Drew Forrester

Manny Machado can’t do it every night.

Given the chance to blow up Monday evening’s affair with a 9th inning hit that would have put the Orioles ahead, Super Manny meekly popped out to shortstop.

My guess is he’ll make up for that a few times over the next, say, 15 years in Baltimore.

Darren O’Day didn’t help, either.

He served up a first-pitch gopher ball to some guy named Adam Eaton in the bottom half of the 9th and the Birds dropped a tough one in Arizona, 7-6.

Adam Eaton?  Adam Eaton…

Didn’t he start for the Orioles a few years ago when all you had to do was fill out an internet form and you too could start a game on the mound for the Birds?

Not the same guy, I guess.

Those kinds of losses really sting when you’re in the playoff race, but what you saw Monday night in Arizona was precisely why the Orioles will be in this thing right up until the very end.  They fell behind early, rallied to lead, fell behind again, rallied to tie and then, nearly broke the game open in the 9th before Machado’s failure.

O’Day’s final pitch of the night was a tough way to lose, but there was some real “playoff spirit” on display from the Birds on Monday evening.

Forgive me for sounding too much like Jim Hunter, but if ever a loss smelled like a win, that one did.


I don’t think the Brandon Stokley and Dallas Clark signings were “bad”, like some do.  They’re both competent players.

That said, I’m not expecting a whole lot from either of them.  Nothing in the league is as non-negotiable as youth.  It doesn’t matter that both of them are smart, fundamentally sound players.  Age doesn’t know that.  And, when pressed to get open and use whatever speed they have, I can’t imagine either of those players will beat father time and suddenly find a late-career second-gear.

If I had to pick one of the two to prosper, I’d bet on Clark, just because he’s younger and plays a position where being crafty is sometimes the difference between 5 catches for 41 yards and 2 catches for 11 yards.

I trust that Ozzie and Jim Caldwell feel both of those players have something left in the tank.  They wouldn’t be bringing them in just to have them hang around and tell Peyton Manning stories.


Now we learn Johnny Manziel appeared at two more autograph signing events, huh?

I’m sure he did both of those for free, too.

It’s amazing to me how dumb these “kids” are today.  Everything you do these days – EVERYTHING – that is within reach of a cell phone is instantly recordable.



I’m off Wednesday through Friday this week, so you’re reading the final “Dish” of the week.

I’ll return next Monday full of energy.

Until then…

P.S. Be nice to Nestor and Luke, please.