Drew’s Morning Dish — Tues., August 20

August 20, 2013 | Drew Forrester

The Orioles haven’t really faced an “almost must-win” situation this season, but it has come around and tonight’s the night.

A loss this evening to Tampa Bay certainly won’t eliminate the Birds — hence the word “almost” — but they better win tonight when the great Miguel Gonzalez takes the mound.

Last night’s game was Squander Night at Camden Yards.  The O’s left more runners on base than Michael Jackson had #1 hits and the Rays almost did the same thing in the 8th inning alone when they could have blown the game wide open but failed to capitalize on a bases-loaded-with-no-outs situation.

It was a weird night at the ballpark.  Two supposedly good teams couldn’t drive in a run when it really mattered.  And the bad guys drove in one more than the good guys.

Miguel Gonzalez needs to come through tonight.

Or, even better, the bats need to do their part and grab game two of this pivotal series with Tampa Bay.


Speaking of the Orioles, where were all the baseball fans last night?

The team announced a crowd of 25,000 and some change, but they must have been counting feet.

I realize the American League attendance figures are tickets sold — and they might have sold 25,000 tickets — but there might have been 16,000 actual bodies in the stadium.

It’s a pennant race people.

That means the games mean something.  That also means you should show up.

16,000 fans?  That’s what they MIGHT have had in Tampa Bay last night.  But this is Baltimore.  We’re better than that.

Or maybe not.


So Von Miller evidently witnessed a murder in a Denver bar back in October 2012 and is just now being pressed about it.

I hope he likes being called a murderer for the rest of his life.

That’s what people will say, anyway.

Just ask Ray Lewis.