Drew’s Morning Dish — Tues., July 30

July 30, 2013 | Drew Forrester

Hats off to the Milwaukee Brewers.

Mired in a horrible season and dealing with the recent suspension of their star player, the Brewers did something yesterday I begged the Orioles to do for the better part of three years at the end of the last decade.

They apologized to their fans.

And, to show they are truly sorry, the Brewers put their money where their mouth is and they gave fans money BACK in return for their support.

The Brewers announced on Monday they would give fans who attend their August home games a voucher for $10 off the purchase of future tickets or merchandise or food and drinks while they are actually in the ballpark.

That’s a class move.

I asked the Orioles to do the same thing – basically – back in the 2008, 2009 and 2010 seasons when they were putting out a minor league product and charging fans major league prices.

It would have been a great gesture for the Birds to offer something like the Brewers did yesterday — just to say to the fans of Baltimore – “Hey, we know this isn’t going like we thought it would…and some of you are actually still coming out here to the ballpark to support us, which is a great gesture on your part.  So, to repay those of you still showing faith in us, here’s a little something for the effort.”

They didn’t, of course, because that’s just not the, *ahem*, “Oriole Way”.

Instead, they just kept raking in $3.00 a month from all of us back then and forced us to watch them lose 7-2 every night.

Those days are gone, thankfully, and the fans of Baltimore are certainly getting their money’s worth these days as our Birds continue to fight for a playoff spot in the American League East.

In Milwaukee, though, they’re dealing with the “dog days” by reaching into their own pocket and rewarding those fans who are still sticking with them.

It’s a big-time classy move.


The more I read ANYTHING related to Alex Rodriguez, the more I just wish baseball would jettison that dude and move on.

Now his attorney has stepped in to prattle on about how much A-Rod is being disrespected by this entire “puzzling process”.

I get it, his client is on the verge of having about $100 million in salary stripped from him (poor thing), but this is the fault of one person and one person only:  Alex Rodriguez, his client.

A-Rod’s quote last week where he felt like the Yankees were trying to “play games” and “deceive” him were hilarious — that’s all he’s done to the Yankees over the last seven years or so.

He hasn’t been truthful with the Yankees, the fans or the game of baseball in, well, who knows how long?

And he has the nerve to complain about someone “deceiving” him?

I swear, it’s better than the movies, as Charley Eckman used to say.


I’ve talked for a while about how the LPGA Tour is struggling in part because of a lack of star-power-quality American players who we – the golfing fans – would like to root for week after week.

No offense at all to the Asian players who are – and have been – dominating the women’s pro tour here in the U.S., but their take-over of the LPGA has diminished the interest level in this country – BIG TIME.

Without getting into a discussion about the how and why of it all, I’ll just say this:  I saw the future of the LPGA Tour yesterday.

I played on Monday in the Maryland State Mixed Two-Ball tournament at Piney Branch.  The event is a male/female team, playing in an alternate shot format.  My partner yesterday was 16-year old Jordan McKelvin, a soon-to-be junior at Westminster High School.  Her father, Mike, is a longtime friend of mine from my days in the soccer business and his work at WBAL-TV.  Jordan and I shot +2 for the day, which garnered us a tie for 6th out of the 40 or so teams who played.  She’s an OUTSTANDING young player with a bright future ahead of her, but more importantly, she’s a terrific young lady.  One of these days when she’s on the LPGA Tour, she’ll be a wonderful representative of golf in our country and she’ll make a marketing partner very happy with her smile and personality.

As I said to her yesterday after we finished, “You have a partner for life in this event, kid!”

One of these days when she’s on TOUR, I’ll have to find someone else for the event, I suppose, but it was a real treat to play with her yesterday at Piney Branch.