Drew’s Morning Dish — Tues., May 14

May 14, 2013 | Drew Forrester

Well…that was painless.

I figured it was over as soon as the Caps fell behind 1-0 last night.  You remember that sequence, right? Mike Green had a glorious scoring chance at the one end, failed to convert, and the Rangers went right back down the ice and connected on a somewhat-lame shot to go up by a goal.

I assumed that was all New York would need, but I hung around long enough to watch them go up 2-0 and 3-0.

I knew it was over at that point.

And the Caps squander yet another 2-0 playoff series lead.

Give them credit, at least, for sticking around and making it interesting for the better part of ten days, something Montreal and Minnesota couldn’t do in their respective series’.

But, in the end, the Caps inability to win a crucial Game 7 on their home ice was the story, just like it was when they let the Flyers, Canadiens and Penguins eliminate them in DC in the do-or-die 7th game during this, the “Ovechkin Era”.

As for The Great Eight, he was more like The-Great-Can’t-Get-A-Shot-on-Net in Game 7.  Nothing there.  Just a bunch of skating and wild hits and oooh’s and ahhh’s from the crowd, but no red lights to help the cause.

I’ve said this for about five years now and I’ll keep saying it:  Ovechkin is a very good player.  But he’s not a winner.


In the on-going aftermath of Sergio Garcia’s epic meltdown at Sawgrass on Sunday, he said Tiger Woods started his shenanigans on the first hole Saturday when he bit into an apple as Garcia was addressing his opening tee shot.

Consider me shocked.

I assumed Tiger had someone slice the apple up for him prior to play.

As for Garcia…give it a rest, bro.  You tried hard.  You played well.  You lost.  It’s golf.  Crazy stuff happens.  People eat apples, for instance.

Tiger, though, is getting smacked around a little bit for evidently stretching the truth in his post-round interview on Saturday.  When asked about the incident involving Garcia on the 2nd hole, where the Spaniard was upset because of noise from the gallery connected with Tiger preparing to hit his 2nd shot, Woods said, “I couldn’t even see Sergio because of the crowd around me.  The marshals told me it was OK to hit, so I pulled my club and got ready to do that.”

Maybe not.

Tiger’s story doesn’t jibe with the stories now being shared by the two marshals who were there, patrolling the hole.  Neither of them said a word to Woods – according to both men – and he didn’t ask them any questions about Garcia.

One of them has been quoted as saying, “To me, it shows a lack of integrity from Tiger.”

Gee, I’m stunned by that.


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  1. The Armchair QB Says:

    Both of them need to shut up and just play golf!

  2. David Says:

    Golf? Who watches golf?

  3. Eric Says:

    As far as Tiger and Sergio goes, I call it payback for Sergio’s moronic celebration at Big Horn. Tiger doesn’t forget!

  4. BK Says:

    Typical Tiger as he is famous for stuff like this. He is like an insulted child on the course if someone challenges him or things don’t go his way. Evidence of that by his truth stretching remark after the match.

    Sergio can be such a whiner as well. Who cares, get over it Sergio! Gone are the days of total silence for golfers while hitting. I’d like to see constant noise and crowd interaction more as that is better than such silence where any small noise stands out and can distract a player.

  5. Hixxey Says:

    Yilmaz….I HATE to say it but you were right. Caps don’t know how to win in the playoffs.
    You know what chaps my a$$…listening to Joe B. repeat the obvious, “Caps need a spark” and
    NOBODY wearing Weagles steps up; NOBODY ! Plenty enough SOG@ 2-0 (not great shots but none for goals) so what’s the next best way to “change momentum” in a hockey game? That’s right; drop the gloves. Where was Erskine…Oleksy…Hendricks ?? Hell, Ovie was banging out hits, why not grab Callahan and dance ? Callahan certainly deserved a whuppin’ and even “if” Ovie took a couple punches, the Booth would’ve been re-energized. The Caps surely would have gotten their “spark” and then…who knows ! Alas…the pussie-caps limped their way through a Royal Beating in another Game 7 loss. I wonder how many of them had trouble looking in the mirror….

  6. Brad Says:

    It’s always nice to see a D.C. team circling the bowl early in the playoffs. It keeps me amused until its the Deadskins turn in about 8 mos. They might need a second flush on that one though. It certainly was a big stinker laid last night by the appropriately named, Craps.

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