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May 21, 2013 | Drew Forrester

It’s awfully hard to act angry and disgusted about your baseball team losing a game when you spend most of the evening watching the various television news accounts of the devastation in Oklahoma.

As I always say, these professional sports – where the athletes and coaches make millions upon millions of dollars – aren’t “real life”.  They’re a fantasy-land of sorts, where only a select few get to live, and the rest of the great unwashed pays their salary by either attending the games or watching them on television.  It’s just not real life.

What happened in Oklahoma is “real life”.

Is it disappointing to see Jim Johnson blow another save?  Sure.

Is it frustrating to see the umpires miss a couple of calls here and there?  Of course.

Do we loathe seeing Yankees fans in our ballpark watching the visiting team win?  Dumb question.

But all of those issues pale in comparison – times 1,000 – to the sorrow people are experiencing in Oklahoma this morning.


Towson University will be bidding farewell to Athletic Director Mike Waddell on June 10 as he takes another position at the University of Arkansas.

I’m not sure how these setbacks always seem to happen at Towson.  Maybe it’s just in the school’s DNA to lose good people like this.


My favorite band of all-time – ever – is The Doors.

It was with great sadness yesterday that I read about the passing of Ray Manzarek.

I’ll be playing The Doors all day to commemorate Manzarek’s death.

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  1. Brian Says:

    Sad that you think Mike Waddell is a good person. He may have been a ‘nice guy’ who came on your show each week, but he was a poor admin type. The only hope Towson had for a decent future in its athletic department was for him to go. It’s just a shame he was able to do as much damage as he did and now get a new job (It appears to be a better job, but I am not sure of that). I am thankful he is gone.

    I do agree with you it is sad to see Ray Mazarek go. Music today is missing true musicans, and he was special in that regard. (DF: LOL at you people. “It’s said you think Mike Waddell is a good person”, you wrote. Interesting. Please, when you get a minute, detail all the times you’ve sat down with Mike and talked with him and learned about his life, family, etc. I’ll be here waiting.)

  2. Brian Says:

    Drew if you think his actions running the Athletic Department indicate he is a good person then you go ahead and think that. I view the way he treated the coaches and athletes of that department clearly indicate he is not a good person.
    You can disagree as much as you want, that is fine, but your response about his family really means nothing. He may be a great dad, that does not change the bad job he did at Towson.
    I have sat down with 3 different coaches within the department who are friends of mine and each has indicated a level of disdain for the man and how he treats people. (DF: So the answer is: ZERO. The number of times you’ve had an actual conversation with Waddell. At least you admitted that. If you have 3 different coaches indicating “disdain” for him, you must be right. There. We solved that.)

  3. The Armchair QB Says:

    The devastation in Oklahoma puts everything else into perspective. As for the O’s, still too early to panic and it’s a little unrealistic to expect Jim Johnson to be…….perfect! Although hitting is not this team’s problem at the moment, they do need a legitimate DH and, of course, the pitching has to improve. This is a solid ball club and all they need is for the pitching to come around. Based on the fact, that it’s essentially the same staff that was so successful last year, there’s every reason to believe that it will……

  4. unitastoberry Says:

    All I can say for the Orioles is at least its May not September. Damn Yankees!

  5. Brian Says:

    Well since I have never had a conversation with him then of course it is impossible for me to judge his character. Never mind the review of his actions, the reading of his public comments and the conversations I have had with those who work for him. None of that matters because Drew says I never talked with the man, so I am unable to judge.

    Never meet you either Drew, but I know signing Branko Segota was a bad idea.

    Best of luck to you Drew.

    (DF: I agree with you about the signing of Segota. I told my coach it was bad idea when he stressed to me that “we have to have him”. That said, signing Segota was a BUSINESS move. It didn’t make my coach a bad guy just because he wanted him. And I’m glad you learned your lesson about judging people that you actually don’t know. Interestingly enough, I talked to three coaches today that were all HIRED by Waddell and they spoke glowingly about him and his character. I wonder why…)

  6. Brian Says:

    My judgment of Mike Waddell is sound, your misgivings none the less. He did a poor job running the department as a business and he did a poor job treating the people who worked for him with dignity. That my morning show host friend makes him a bad person! When given the chance to treat people with respect he choose not to, end of story.
    I was in Harrisonburg Va. yesterday to watch the baseball team. I was in Tampa when the Ravens won and in Atlanta when the Terps men’s basketball team won, and both were awesome. I must say that yesterday was just as amazing to me, to see those kids overcome Waddell’s attempt to torpedo the program and win like that, it was amazing. I hope you can find time this week to have Mike Gottlieb on the show this week.

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