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October 15, 2013 | Drew Forrester

I mentioned during Monday’s show that e-mailer Steve sent me an interesting question this past Saturday night after he and three other friends had attended the Maryland football game vs. Virginia.  The basic summary of the e-mail was:  “Why doesn’t Baltimore care about Maryland football?”.

On Monday I said I would write about that topic in today’s edition of DMD.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get time to do it with yesterday’s golf outing taking all of my day and most of my evening, but I will have something in this space tomorrow.

I’ll print Steve’s e-mail in its entirety and give my thoughts on the subject in the Wednesday edition of DMD.

Just wanted to mention that so you didn’t think I was pulling the same “bait and switch” tactic the Orioles were using with their Student Night tickets a few years ago.

Check this space tomorrow for more on Maryland football.


Blessed with a phenomenal day of Fall weather on Monday, 100 golfers gathered at Mountain Branch for our 9th annual charity golf outing.  A great afternoon of golf was had by all, with the team of Ryan Richardson, Pat Richardson, Dan MacLennan and Jerod Wilks posting a terrific 17-under par score of 55 to win the event by one shot.  We’re still collecting donations and monies and settling up with Mountain Branch later today, but we’ll once again approach or exceed our established goal of $7,500 for this year’s charity recipient, the brain cancer research department at the Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Special thanks, again, to all 25 foursomes who came out, plus our sponsors: Koons Ford of Security Blvd., The Hub and C’Ville Bikes, and Kenwood Kitchens.


I love when people who buy tickets to Ravens games suddenly think they “know it all”.  Case in point:  George e-mailed me on Monday afternoon and said, paraphrasing, “One of my great suspicions about the Ravens has been confirmed.  A friend of mine does car detailing work and he did a major job for a Ravens defensive starter last week and he (the player) said ‘Harbaugh is a good coach but he doesn’t prepare us well for the games’ and that’s one of the reasons why we’re sluggish sometimes.”

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing two years ago when the team went to the AFC Championship game.  And then again last January and February when they won three playoff games and the Super Bowl.

I’m not even sure if I believe the “friend of mine” story…but even if you do, what kind of nitwit looks at John Harbaugh’s 5-year run in the NFL and offers “he doesn’t prepare them well for the games” as a criticism?

I know:  A special kind of nitwit offers that.


I watched the Bob Costas “Redskins piece” from Sunday nights’s NFL game and I thought it was outstanding.  I’m in the minority, but I think Costas is an excellent journalist.  While baseball is clearly his big love (as evidenced by the fact that he basically brushed over the “Indians issue” and acted like it wasn’t a major issue), his opinions on football and other sports topics are always worth considering, in my opinion.

That said, he’s wrong about the Redskins issue.

In fact, I think if you polled the American Indians, they’d be far, far more offended by the connection between WASHINGTON and their heritage based on the way our government is operating in the nation’s capital these days.



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  1. OVER40DON Says:

    Drew, good for you for doing the fundraiser! I think Costas is a real tool for even bringing it up in such a venue even with the Redskins playing that night. I guess that made it relevant though it’s a cheap shot. In my book politics should be left out of Sports PERIOD!. Glad I missed the baloney. Not many people would say it was an outstanding piece when they disagree with it. Interesting. I still have no desire to watch it. Irrelevant in my opinion.

    Your post today should stir the pot a bit. GOOD JOB! as usual

  2. The Armchair QB Says:

    Be very careful, Drew, because the name, “Indian” today is perceived by some to be “racist” and…….OFFENSIVE! As for the Costas editorial, when 9 out of 10 Native Americans from 48 U.S. States surveyed by the Annenburg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania are NOT offended by the name, tell me, who gets to decide if and when something is offensive…..Costas?! “Political correctness” to an extreme! By the way, the opening stanza of the Redskin’s fight song is, “Hail to the Redskins….”, which is an homage to the name! Frankly, I’m OFFENDED by Costas’ views on the subject, so who do I complain to if I want him…..FIRED?! LOL!

  3. unitastoberry Says:

    Why do Baltimore fans snub Maryland football? Maybe because they stink for the better part the last 60 years? When Claiborne and Ross had them close to contention for the national title people around Baltimore did get excited. Looking forward to your piece on that.

  4. justafan Says:

    There is nothing “correct” about political correctness.

  5. Jason Manelli Says:

    Baltimore is a pro football town. Got to have at least one weekend day in the Fall for the Honey Do list.

  6. tsnamm Says:

    Costas has had how many years to discuss this subject, and not a peep? Frankly the fact that he sweeps the Indians and Braves under the rug shows he’s nothing but a hypocrite, about a subject that has “suddenly” cropped up again. The use of Native American mascots and names in collegiate and pro sports has been discussed and addressed many times already in the recent past( see how many Universities have changed their former Native American names and mascots into something for more benign ). If Costas had some real interest and concern about the subject besides grandstanding and jumping on the bandwagon, he could have “editorialized” about it long ago…however he chose not or cared not, so in my opinion its just piling on.

  7. Eric Says:

    The Redskins can resolve this name issue very easily. They can keep the name and just change the logo to a red potato.

  8. Marty Mossa Says:

    The American Indians just like every other “victims” group in the United States need to grow up and stop whining. Political correctness is killing this country. Bob Costas was real brave jumping on the band wagon. Where was he 30 years ago when he started with NBC. H didn’t have the guts to comment on it when political correctness didn’t exist. He like the “president” need to mind their own business.

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