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September 24, 2013 | Drew Forrester

I don’t know what all the fuss is about with regard to Jacoby Jones and Bryant McKinnie, yet I understand why people would be shouting from the rooftops about their troubles in Washington DC.

Let’s be honest about it: Grown men getting together to drink alcohol and throw money at dancers/strippers is something that goes on every single day in America. I applaud McKinnie or whomever it was that organized the bus transportation down to DC.  I’d much rather they do that than hop in their own vehicles for the 50-minute ride down there.

I, personally, don’t care about Jacoby Jones getting into a fracas with a young lady and getting conked on the head with a bottle of champagne.  That’s his cross to bear.  Then again, I’m not the Ravens, who are forking over millions of dollars to their employee and expect him to be a little more cautious than the “average Joe”.

As a Ravens staffer said yesterday when we briefly discussed the incident, “We pay those guys a lot of money to not be dumb.”  I can definitely agree with that.

On the other hand, as citizens, which would you rather see happen…

A) Jones gets hit in the head with a bottle of champagne, suffers some sort of head injury, and misses the rest of the football season.


B) Jones and his teammates go down to DC in their own vehicle, have too much to drink, drive back to Baltimore at 3:30 am, and cause a major accident on 295 North that kills a family of three.

I’ll take (A) every time.

Jacoby Jones is a big boy.  This isn’t his first rodeo.  He’ll have to deal with the wrath of John Harbaugh now, which might be worse than facing a judge down in Washington DC, truth be told.

But, frankly, I don’t have much anger towards Jones, McKinnie and anyone else who went down to DC on Sunday night.

They’re grown men.  They did the responsible thing and organized a bus trip, the same way you would if you were putting together your best friend’s bachelor party.

That the trip involved alcohol and strippers isn’t a shock either.  They’re football players, not members of the local Lutheran church heading to DC on a religious retreat.  And, when you surround yourselves with booze and girls (and guys)…you can’t be shocked when things spiral out of control.

Should the Ravens front office be concerned?  Absolutely.  Their sponsors and advertisers like to be associated with the “good” Ravens, not the “bad” Ravens who show up on TMZ’s website after a night on the town went south.  They also can’t afford to lose Jones, McKinnie or any other player to some sort of silly non-football injury like a guy getting conked on the head with a bottle of champagne.

But, I’m not Ozzie Newsome, nor am I a Ravens sponsor.

I’m just a guy who’s glad those players didn’t hurt or kill an innocent person on their way home from a night on the town in our nation’s capital.


There’s nothing to say about the Manny Machado injury until we actually hear what it is today or tomorrow.

I suspect it’s a “major” knee injury, but so does everyone else.

Here’s what I do know…

It’s not Buck Showalter’s fault.

The folks at Orioles Hangout disagree, which is completely hilarious.

People there yesterday lashed out at Buck.  Some went as far as to literally say, “This is completely Buck’s fault.”

They point to the fact that Machado has played too much this season and his quad muscles were fatigued and tired which led to his knee giving out yesterday when he stepped on first base wrong in St. Petersburg.

Evidently, the people at OH speak regularly with Machado’s quad muscles in his left leg and they’ve been begging for a day off since July.




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  1. Kolo Jezdec Says:

    Blaming Buck is silly. It is obviously Mr. Angelos’ fault. Not sure how, but every negative that occurs with the Orioles is blamed on him.

  2. Brian Says:

    Song of the Day must be:
    Sweet Pea by Tommy Roe

    Check out the lyrics too…Sure to be heard in opposing stadiums soon!

  3. Robert Says:


    As I usually do, I agree with both of your above assessments. Regarding the latter, I stopped visiting Orioles Hangout years ago because my perception of the regulars there was (and still is) they were little more than tinfoil topped, orange & black kool-aid drinking sunglasses wearers. At the hangout, reasoned objectivity is in short supply, while irrational zeal abounds. Cheers.

  4. tsnamm Says:

    Hey Drew…Does Peter Angelos OWN WBAL? This morning after every other story, they mentioned something about Manny Machado and the injury, and the Orioles etc. Is the Oriole radio contract THAT lucrative? I mean yes its a big sports story for Baltimore fans, but they are covering it like someone shot the president or something. It was as if nothing else happened…I heard 10 times more about that that the Kenya mall crisis for instance…just crazy.

  5. unitastoberry Says:

    I guess the Art Donovan era Colts and company never went to any topless joints LOL?
    I know for a fact the Bert Jones era Colts got around town plenty.
    I saw those guys in action several times at a few establishments where naked women were. But todays pro players have a cross hair on them so my advice would be to stay home and have your women come over.
    Get well by opening day Manny.

  6. The Armchair QB Says:

    Chalk up the Jacoby Jones fiasco to, “boys will be boys”! That being said, some of these “kids” really do need….babysitters! Attributing Machado’s injury to Buck Showalter or muscle fatigue in a 21 year old athlete is simply….delusional! Without knowing the extent of his injury, knee injuries that were once considered “career ending” are truly a thing of the past as the NFL can attest to. Here’s wishing the “phenom” a speedy and full recovery…….

  7. Jason Manelli Says:

    Those guys should hang out in Baltimore – I know the clubs are not as nice, but I’d like to think our ladies would be on the same page about keeping the players out of the press.

  8. unitastoberry Says:

    Bubba Smith lived at the old Les Gals club.

  9. Charlie Says:

    thanks, drew, for a little sanity on manny’s knee. by their logic, every starter should rest once the team is out of it. that’s crazy. manny’s young and fit and you wheel him out there when you can because he’s learning. hope his knee can be rehabbed and ready by april. we’ll see.

    but i am glad you are there to demonstrate perspective to all those ‘not-a-doctor’ medical experts. good!!

  10. Davy in Parkville Says:

    Well said Drew! I’ve been saying the same thing since the story broke. At least they weren’t drinking and driving unlike so many others have in the NFL. Plus, just hearing all of the newscasters say the name “Sweet Pea” almost makes it all worth it!

  11. Chuck Says:

    Today’s blog and the Morning Reaction are sponsored by the lovely girls at Night Shift. Call 1-800-All-Nude.

  12. Kolo Jezdec Says:

    It is interesting how in our culture today bad behavior is excused by comparing it to potentially worse behavior. (DF: Show me where there was “bad behavior” here…I’m waiting.)

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