Drew’s Morning Dish — Tues., September 10

September 10, 2013 | Drew Forrester

17,456 at OPACY last night.

Yep, September baseball that matters has returned – again – to Baltimore and 17,456 jammed their way into the ballpark on Monday night to see a huge game between the Orioles and Yankees.

Excuse makers will point to 9,000 and some change in Cleveland last night and say, “See, it’s not just Baltimore, Cleveland’s attendance stunk too…”

Well, we know Cleveland doesn’t support baseball.  We’ve seen that for a half dozen years now.

But 17k in Baltimore last night to see the Orioles and Yankees?

Borderline awful.

Needless to say, there are tons of legit excuses for last night’s woeful crowd.

“It’s a school night…”

“I can’t go to every game…”

“I’m not paying those premium-game prices…”

“It’s football season, I’m spending my discretionary money on the Ravens now.”

Blah, blah, blah.

I completely understand how many of you were turned off by the fourteen years of losing.  I get it that there are still thousands and thousands of people in Baltimore who say, “I don’t go to any games…not as long as Angelos owns the team.”

That’s fine.

This isn’t directed at you.  You don’t count in this argument, honestly.

You haven’t been going anyway, so this isn’t a question of “where have YOU been?”

This is directed more at the fans in town who still bleed orange and still venture down to OPACY to take in Orioles baseball.

The team has supposedly averaged 26,000 fans per-game this season.  Fair enough — where are all of THOSE folks?  I’m not saying all 200,000 people in Baltimore who really care about the Orioles have to come out on Monday night.  But 17,000 people on Monday night to see C.C. Sabathia and Chris Tillman?  I don’t get it…

I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked.  The Orioles had to dangle a $4.00 ticket in front of people last September to get representative attendance figures for a series with the White Sox and they evidently have some sort of en masse discount offer for some September home games this year but I’m no longer allowed to promote the team so I can’t pass that information along to you and the others in town.

But, I am shocked.

I’m shocked because this is what baseball fans in town craved for a decade or more.

I’m shocked because this Orioles team really does have a chance for a magical Sepetmber run…again.

I’m shocked because I really thought Baltimore was better than that.

Instead, you’re barely better than Cleveland.


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  1. Chris Says:

    It simply a matter of waiting for a new owner to take over. Plus with TV it’s more enjoyable to watch it without the threat of bein surrounded by thousands of Yankees fans (I know this wasn’t the case last night, but the threat was there when tix were available for sale when the season came out). It’s terrible but until the current owners drops over and dies, a lot of people will stay away. Look at dodgers attendance when frank McCourt owned the team compared to now. Look at the redsox attendance before their current owners purchased the team. They didn’t sell out every game (or come close a lot of times). When ba people run a business, people stay away. It works that way with big and small businesses.

  2. Ruben Says:

    “I didn’t want to miss Monday Night Raw….”

  3. dave hittinger Says:

    Now do you feel better?

  4. OVER40DON Says:

    wait a minute here you guys rant on the Orioles 1 day for taking away your press passes, YOUR owner never misses a chance to rag on Angelos, the premium price alone would keep away from a Yankees/R sox game. you all need a consistent message. Glen never should have had Norris on his show since the O’s have a stupid policy and he is aware of that policy right? can’t have your cake and eat it 2. but then again the Beatles are over rated right? SHEEESH

  5. unitastoberry Says:

    I think an attendance malaise has set in with the O’s even though they are in the thick of the wildcard. I can’t explain it. The young fans don’t hold anything against the owner maybe its just a lack of money for them coupled with a Monday night? Now as far as the over 40 crowd and especially the over 50 crowd yes many stay away because of the owner.

  6. Awesome! Says:

    Keep it up Baltimore sports fans! Here’s hoping they can’t crack 10,000 the rest of the season! Eat it Angelos! You reap what you sow, you miserable miser. If you care about Baltimore sports at all, you’ll stay away and shove it in his face!

  7. John in Westminster Says:

    Maybe the market is saying 162 games of baseball is too much to pay for and that the regular season should rightfully end in August. Hey, you know it’s bad when Yankee fans are staying away.

  8. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    Attended my grandson’s JV football game & we won !!!

  9. J Says:

    So we know what happens to hosts when players are on their station ….makes me wonder what passive aggressive crap is pulled on the players

  10. Joe in Fells Point Says:

    I watched it on tv. It was fun watching football and baseball and no concessions! Peter the thief already gets a couple bucks a month, every month, from my cable bill without my consent. I did go to the game on sunday and bought a pretzel and water for $9 and that is all this middle-class dude will contribute to subsidize billionaires and millionaires.

  11. BK Says:

    It shocks me that it still ‘shocks’ you about the attendance. Your a smart guy, why the hell are you providing worthless posts like this? Then trying to berate fans like school children for not going? Not too smart IMO. We will do what the hell we want with our own money, you do what you want with yours. 95% of all the fans agree with most of the fans comments above.

  12. BK Says:

    BTW – You don’t have to go to the games or support Angelos to ‘bleed orange’.

  13. matt Says:

    weeeeeelllll….. they did lose

  14. matt Says:

    or most of the time they do

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