Drew’s Morning Dish — Tues., September 3rd

September 03, 2013 | Drew Forrester

We still have ourselves a horse race in the American League and the Orioles are in the mix.

This thing is far from over, I’m telling you.

Unlike the meat of the regular season schedule, when it’s possible to win six straight and gain no ground on your competitors because they’re playing non-contenders at the same time, you’re virtually guaranteed to pick up a game on someone in the race when you win in September.

Case in point on Monday, when the Orioles smashed the Indians and picked up a game on Boston, Texas, Tampa Bay and, obviously, Cleveland.

At 73-63, the Birds can honestly look one another in the eye and say, “A great September for us and we might steal one of those two Wild Card spots.”  That’s all you can ask when Labor Day rolls around, I suppose.

By my “unofficial” speculation, I think it’s going to take 92 wins to make the post-season in 2013.  That means the O’s need to post a 19-7 mark between here and the clubhouse.  Tough? Sure.  Gonna require some outstanding baseball?  No doubt.  Impossible?  Not at all.

Boston is in.  That’s a done deal.

Tampa Bay is wobbling. Big time.  By the end of this coming weekend, they might be in 3rd place.

Cleveland – as we saw on Monday and we’ll get to observe again tonight and Wednesday – has been doing it with mirrors in 2013.  They’re no good.

I’ll mention Kansas City just because it’s funny to write the words “Kansas City Royals” and “playoffs” in the same sentence, but they’re more likely to finish under .500 than make the playoffs.

Oakland and Texas look solid.  I don’t see either of them fading.

The Yankees have a puncher’s chance because they’re the Yankees, but I don’t see them getting to 92 wins.

It’s going to come down to the Orioles and the Rays.

I like our chances if that’s the case.


None of the Ravens cuts over the weekend really surprised me.  The names I saw were bit players…piano movers…guys who were expendable because they weren’t able to beat out a veteran along the way.

I know people are lathered up about Bobby Rainey getting the axe and signing in Cleveland, but you’re talking about a guy who was impressive in the 4th pre-season game against a bunch of dudes from the Rams who will be working as personal trainers sometime this week.

Rainey might very well go to the Browns and wind up running for a few yards and a TD here and there, but that speaks more about how much Cleveland stinks and less about the Ravens striking out on a 3rd string running back who would NEVER beat out Ray Rice or Bernard Pierce.

Remember Randy Hymes?  He was really good in the pre-season too.


The line for this Thursday’s opener in Denver is downright bizarre.

The Broncos started as 8-point favorites and are now listed at (-9.5) three days before the game.

On Saturday, a friend of mine asked me what the spread was for the game.  I said, “You know, I have no idea…but I’m guessing Denver is a 2.5 point favorite…”

That’s what I thought, anyway.  Denver giving up two and a half points to the Ravens sounded right to me.

Well, with Denver favored by 9.5 points, this much is obvious: Las Vegas is DYING for you to take the Ravens.

They might as well be going door-to-door and asking you to take the Ravens and the points.  Vegas thinks Denver is going to win the game 28-17 or 34-24 or something like that.


Ten points?

I hate to be the guy looking at the spread and saying, “It sure looks like Denver is gonna blow us out” but that’s the only way you can feel when you see that point spread and remember, of course, that Vegas isn’t in the business of losing.


The Diana Nyad story is just spectacular.

She swam 103 miles from Cuba to Florida.

That’s from Mountain Branch Golf Course in Joppa, MD to Cambridge, MD.

That’s a long freakin’ way.

And she did it in 53 hours.

Oh, she’s 64 years old.

Just wow…