Drew’s Morning Dish – Thur., April 11

April 11, 2013 | Drew Forrester

Sorry I wasn’t able to “dish it out” for you on Tuesday and Wednesday while I was in Augusta.

I could have.  I had internet access.

But the only thing I would have cared to write about would have been my adventure at the greatest golf course in the world and I figured most of you didn’t want to hear about it.

That and I was tired every morning.

So, I just decided to treat the two days like a real vacation.  You know the kind…where you try not to pay attention to the real world and the shabby job being done by our government and some athlete saying something stupid or a kid taking knives into school in Anne Arundel County.

I just immersed myself in the greatness of Augusta National for a couple of days.

But, now, I’m back.  The only thing that matters over the next four days is The Masters.  To me, anyway.  I’ll get back to baseball and hockey and all that other stuff on Monday.  Well, Monday is post-Masters-reflection-day.  I’ll get back to the real world on Tuesday.


The Rolando McClain signing is somewhat puzzling.  I understand the most important element of it is that he’s basically willing to play for the league’s version of minimum wage — $700,000.  That’s what the NFL has reduced themselves to these days.  It doesn’t matter what kind of guy you are or how many times you’ve been involved in some sort of shady activity.  Hell, it doesn’t even matter if you’ve held a gun to someone’s head.  The Ravens would take a flyer on Charles Manson if he’d play for the veteran minimum.  And so would every other team in the league — if Manson could play safety at a high level, that is.

I guess McClain was the best player available to the Ravens now that mid-April has arrived.

He’s clearly not the “best person” available.

But this isn’t the church league the Ravens play in.

It’s the NFL.

Just win, baby.


Another less than stellar night for Jake Arrieta.

It’s starting to get old, these performances where he can’t get to the 7th inning because he’s too busy putting guys on base and giving up runs in the first four innings or so.

The phrase “but he has such great stuff” isn’t going to matter soon.

I’m not saying Arrieta is in the winter of his Orioles career, but I’d be putting my shorts and tee-shirts away and getting out the sweatshirts and long pants just in case it’s arriving more quickly than the Almanac indicates it might.


My “official pick” for The Masters is Matt Kuchar.

I can tell you that the general buzz around Augusta is that Tiger Woods is going to win his 5th green jacket this week.

But I’m sticking with Kuchar.

Two other names to watch:  Dustin Johnson and Nicolas Colsaerts.  Both are big hitters who drive it straight.  Neither has a major title yet.  And each can get hot with the putter for a few days and shoot low numbers.


I’ll talk to you tomorrow with a wrap-up of day one from Augusta and hopefully a review of a Thursday night Orioles win in Boston.  In fact, with that scrub Alfredo Aceves starting for Boston, this one is a lock for the Birds.  I’ll go as far as to call it my “Triple Guarantee Lock Of The Night”.  Birds 9 – Red Sox 6