Drew’s Morning Dish — Wed., August 7

August 07, 2013 | Drew Forrester

And that, among other things, is why you don’t just say something dumb like:  “the schools are making a boatload of money off of those athletes…they should get a piece of it.”

Maybe they should “get a piece”.

If, however, we decide to let them share in the “profit”, wouldn’t it be natural then to ask them to also contribute to the expenses of running the athletic department?

Or is that too much to ask of them?

Perhaps Johnny Manziel should have to fork over $43.19 a month to pay for his pro-rata portion of the health coverage all the student athletes are given as part of his “deal” as a scholarshiped-product.

Maybe the star forward on the women’s basketball team should be forced to sell a $25,000 sponsorship for arena signage and radio advertising so her team’s games can be aired on the local radio station.  She would, of course, receive a 12.5% commission on that sale, just like the marketing director would get if he/she made the same sale.

I have an idea:  Let’s just keep it the way it is now…which is to reward premium, high-level athletes with free or reduced education and housing in exchange for the privilege of allowing them to play collegiate sports and represent their school.

By the way, is that “privilege” also hard work?  Yes, it is.  Long hours on the practice field?  You bet.  Tough SOB’s as bosses?  Sure thing.  Is the mixture of academics and athletics nearly a 24/7 job?  Yes.

Oops…I almost forgot to ask:  Has a school ever held a gun to a kid’s head and demanded he or she play football, basketball, soccer, baseball, etc. for the school they’re attending?  Of course not.

That concept of “leave it the way it is right now” seems to work well for the 95% or so who graciously accept what they get and vow to follow the rules because they have personal accountability and integrity.  The 95% deserve a free or reduced cost education because they are, in fact, solid representatives of the institution they represent.

The 5% who break the rules – like Johnny Manziel – deserve to do what you, me and the rest of the great unwashed do…watch the games from the stands or in front of the TV set.