Drew’s Morning Dish — Wed., July 17

July 17, 2013 | Drew Forrester

Jim Leyland managed the All-Star Game like it really mattered.

But, Mariano Rivera’s MVP award reminded us all it’s still part-baseball, part-carnival.

Five American League players, including Baltimore’s Chris Tillman, never earned a minute of playing time in Tuesday night’s mid-season classic.  Leyland clearly wanted to win the game, which is fine, since World Series home-field was at stake and his team has a real chance of being there in October.

Just when we thought the game was legit, they go and give Rivera the MVP honor and remind us it wasn’t.

Rivera, of course, is the classiest of class acts.  There’s universal approval for “Mo” and rightfully so.  Go ahead and give him a new car and feel free to build a playground in his name somewhere.  Those are gestures more than worthy for a guy like Rivera who has given so much to the game.

But, don’t embarrass him by making him stand up there at the end of the game and give him the MVP award for throwing 16 pitches in a 3-0 win.

Chris Sale was the best player on the field last night.

He was the “real” Most Valuable Player in a game where nearly everyone pulled their weight.

It was weird like that…no one really did anything that special to stand out over the other players.

Maybe that’s why Rivera did get the award — there wasn’t one definitive selection so it just went to the oldest guy.

Still, as Leyland tried to prove, the game deserves to be taken seriously and Chris Sale was the player most deserving of the MVP award.


The British Open starts tomorrow.  I know, I know, it’s actually called the “The Open Championship”.  No, it’s not.  It’s the British Open to everyone who wants to identify it by its origin.  That would be like calling the U.S. Open the “The Open Championship.”  You would say, “Where is that played?”

It’s the British Open because it’s played in Great Britain.

Anyway, it’s the 3rd major of the year and I’m trying to break my 2-major losing streak in terms of predicting the winner.

I took Kevin Chappell at the U.S. Open and he fizzled out on the weekend.

Matt Kuchar was my selection at Augusta and he stunk it up.

I’m staying with red, white and blue at Muifield.

I think Brandt Snedeker finally breaks through and wins a major.

I’d say “take it to the bank”, but last time I did that some dude got mad at me for calling it a lock and launched into a 700 word e-mail about how bad of a guy I am for making predictions that don’t stick.

So, my therapist told me not to do that anymore.

I’ll just whisper it — “Brandt Snedeker is going to win the British Open”.


The U.S. Soccer team will play this Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium (4 pm) in the Gold Cup quarterfinals against El Salvador.  The U.S. nipped Costa Rica, 1-0 last night, on a Breck Shea goal in the 82nd minute.

I’ve been criticized lately for not “giving soccer its due” so there you go.

More soccer information for you.

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  1. Purple Kelly Says:

    No Pop-Metal musical artist of the day? (DF: Yeah, #8 on the list was Electric Light Orchestra. I forgot to put it in the blog. Sorry.)

  2. BK Says:

    Maybe you should be more factual in your statements Drew. Making a pick is great, everyone does. Publicize it all you want, that’s your job. However, making a pick and calling it a stone cold lock (especially when it is someone like Streelman) and actually telling people to go bet their hard earned money on it is a little extreme. You actually suggested people put an ‘investment’ on it so they could ‘pay their son’s Calvert Hall tuition. Here are your exact words.

    ‘But I have someone on my radar that is probably going to be worth a small “investment” in…if you know what I mean.’

    ‘I’ll let you know who it is next week in case you want to pay for your son’s Calvert Hall tuition by placing a wager like I’m going to do’

    And no one got ‘mad’ at you for it. They ribbed you some for your poor pick and then as usual you couldn’t handle the criticism, so you had to respond and try to put down and belittle those that don’t share the same opinion as you or in this case, call you out on something. Pretty typical.

    BTW – I defended you about the soccer thing. I just said it would be nice to get a little more on soccer for those of us who do follow the sport, but your not obligated to it because of your previous positions.

  3. Robert Says:

    Hi Drew:

    I’d hope anyone with a lucid cerebrum would understand the nature of predicting, that is for fun & debate, but not betting the mortgage. Y2K anyone? Or the more recent Mayan Decemeber, 2012 EOTWAWKI? Riiiiiight.


    (DF: Some of the stuff I do here is a little too high-level for the great unwashed, Robert. I can see you get it. Others, unfortunately, don’t.)

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