Drew’s Morning Dish — Wed., July 31

July 31, 2013 | Drew Forrester

I can’t wait to hear the bellyaching later this week when MLB announces the suspensions connected with the Biogenesis fallout.

It should be worth the price of admission.

Of course, someone out there will point to disgraced Biogenesis chief Dr. Anthony Bosch and try to discredit him by pointing out he “sold his secrets” to MLB only after he tried to pry money out of his clients in exchange for not “ratting” on them.

That’s how it always works.  When you’re in a pinch, figure out a way to show that someone else is a scumbag — maybe even more of one than you.

That’s certainly how it works in Major League Baseball, where the players are NEVER held fully accountable for their actions because they’re constantly one step ahead of the game.  They can always blame the test collector, the doctor who told them it would never be detected or the media who continues with their “witch hunt” instead of just writing about the game on the field.

All of that, oddly enough, might very well be true about PED users in MLB.

Test collectors might not be 100% perfect.  There are plenty of professionals in the medical field handing over a product to baseball players and saying, “Just take it…they’ll never be able to pick it up on a standard test.”  And the media, without question, remains dedicated to uncovering and making fun of these clowns who risk tens of millions of dollars a year because they can’t stay off PEDs.

But — no one is responsible for the current situation of Alex Rodriguez, Nelson Cruz Jr., Jhonny Peralta, Ryan Braun, etc. except  for Rodriguez, Cruz Jr., Peralta and Braun.

They, along with every other player who will be suspended as a result of their connection to Biogenesis, have no one to blame but themselves.

No one held a guy to their head to take PEDs.

All of them knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

It’s time they just take their medicine and stop talking.

We’re not going to believe them, anyway.

Ryan Braun took care of that last week when he was suspended for the rest of the season.  You remember Braun, he was the guy who was “completely innocent of these accusations” a couple of years ago.

Yes sir.

COMPLETELY innocent.

Except, of course, he was lying to us back then.

In fact, he’s been lying for the majority of his baseball career.

So, I would assume, have guys like A-Rod, Cruz Jr., Bartolo Colon and Melky Cabrera, just to hand-pick four names who have all used PEDs even though they know they’re not allowed to used them.

I just sit back and laugh now as the names trickle out and the suspensions come down.

Baseball might very well “deserve” this…yes, that’s true.

But it’s always good to see these guys get their comeuppance.