Drew’s Morning Dish — Wed., June 12

June 12, 2013 | Drew Forrester

Finally, a win that actually looked like a win.

After stealing three points in Jamaica last week on a desperation last-minute goal, the United States national soccer team rebounded with authority last night in Seattle, beating a hapless Panama squad, 2-0.

Someone should have let the Panama coach and his players know this game was important.  They were abysmal.

The U.S., on the other hand, played perhaps their most complete game in the Klinsmann era, with two outstanding goals and a capable defensive effort that saw Tim Howard barely break a sweat between the pipes.

Klinsmann had to be thrilled with the offensive synergy between Michael Bradley, Fabian Johnson and Jozy Altidore, who produced the first goal of the game and looked dangerous on the attack throughout the match.  Johnson was particularly exciting and could be useful for the American side going forward.

The victory gives the U.S. ten points through five games and nearly stamps their trip to World Cup ’14 in Brazil.  It will likely take at least 15 points to get through, which should be relatively easy to attain with three home games remaining.


LeBron better get LeGoing if he wants to win this title.

You thought Panama stunk last night in the World Cup qualifier vs. the U.S.?

The Heat had to shower in tomato juice when last night’s Game 3 drubbing was finished in San Antonio.

Who loses 113-77 in a championship game?

Holy canoli.


My pick for the U.S. Open golf championship is Kevin Chappell.


You know…Kevin Chappell.

Merion is going to produce a whacky winner.  I was there for two days.  The place is crazy.  It’s on 111 acres of land.  Holes bump up against one another and criss cross all over the place.  It’s sort of like having the U.S. Open at Mount Pleasant.

Kevin Chappell isn’t “whacky” per-se…he almost won The Memorial a few weeks ago.  He has a good U.S. Open track record in the last couple of years.  He’s a nice, young player.

But he’s not a household name.

Until this Sunday, that is.

You’ll see.


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  1. adam in Paris Says:

    Your replacement is an unbearable narcissist. (DF: I’ve been replaced? No one told me. That’s the way it always goes, I guess.)

  2. unitastoberry Says:

    Wow the signal goes all the way to Paris?

  3. Dan Says:

    Ok Drew,
    This comment is not related to your morning rant, But I cannot contain myself anymore! Is Slowwalter ( brain power that is ) related to Pteeee Pedro or what? Even I ( Dumb Dam ) and your self can figure out that bringing in this Bozo is not the answer to a bases loaded, no out situation. Please! Please! make me understand his thinking!!

  4. Brad Says:

    Please stop it with the soccer updates. I don’t what is worse, Mike Preston’s updates on irrelevant lacrosse, or Drew Forrester’s updates on the “manly” game of soccer. I know your D.C. team was eliminated eons ago, but the Stanley Cup starts tonight between two legitimate NHL franchises. (DF: I always love when you people decide I should “stop” with something because YOU don’t like it. Hilarious. There ARE other people in the world besides you, Brad. Thankfully…)

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