Drew’s Morning Dish — Thurs., September 5

September 05, 2013 | Drew Forrester

I lost twice yesterday.

First, right around 5pm, the Orioles notified everyone but me (that’s how they do things…they never actually contact you directly) that my 2013 media credential was being revoked for the remainder of the season.

Evidently, Bud Norris and several other members of the team have appeared on WNST throughout the season and the Orioles decided the proper punishment was to take away my credential.  I should probably let you know that Norris and his teammates never once appeared on MY show from 6am-10am.  Never.  Not once all season.  But my credential was revoked yesterday.

Don’t worry, I’m not giving it back.  In fact, I’m using it next Monday to cover the Orioles and Yankees game at OPACY.  As my attorney mentioned yesterday, simply saying they’re revoking my credential isn’t against the law.  Barring me entry into the stadium to perform my job might be, though.  So…I’m going to the ballpark next Monday and we’ll see who wins.

I’ll have plenty more to say about this in the next few days but the Ravens and Denver play tonight and I’m not going to make the Orioles acting like a horse’s ass be “the story” today when the NFL season is kicking off in 12 hours.

By the way, I have to wonder if my credential would have been revoked if I weren’t a middle-aged white guy?  If, for some example, I were a gay male…would my credential be revoked?  African American?  Asian?  Disabled in some way?  I wonder if the Orioles would have pulled the trigger on that bush-league move yesterday if I were anything but a plain old white male?

Anyway, I was a loser yesterday, but I wasn’t the only guy in town who lost on Wednesday.

The baseball team in town couldn’t win yesterday, either.

And if you thought the Jacoby Jones catch in Denver last January was a miracle, it pales in comparison to the good fortune and luck the Orioles now need to make the post-season.

If this was a game of HORSE and the word was “DONE”, the Orioles have D.O.N.

I still can’t figure out for the life of me why Zach Britton was tabbed as the Wednesday night starter in Cleveland.  Didn’t the Orioles sign Scott Feldman and Bud Norris to solidify the starting rotation?  Neither of them have been Cy Young, of course, but why Britton last night?  This is an organization with the aforementioned Feldman and Norris, plus Gonzalez, Chen and Tillman at their disposal.

Throwing Britton into the lion’s den last night was a mistake.

Four runs in the first inning confirmed that.

So, the Birds wake up in Baltimore this morning with 65 losses – the same amount of defeats as Cleveland – and are now in need of a 17-7 finish just to reach the 90-win mark.

D.O.N. —


If the Ravens want to quickly get everyone off of Denver’s jock and earn themselves that “respect” they so desperately desire, winning in the Mile High City tonight would do that.

It’s actually a great way to start the season for John Harbaugh’s team.

Go in and beat up the Broncos in their building on national TV…that’s going to get you respect, for sure.

Not tonight, though:  Denver 27 – Ravens 20