Duke in the Final Four? Not really (only in my bracket)

March 19, 2014 | Drew Forrester

Some surprising news on Tuesday and some not-so-surprising news.

A nice (surprising) road win for the Caps last night, who edged Anaheim 3-2 behind a great game in goal from Jaroslav Halak, who made 43 saves on the night.  I had this penciled in as a loss, honestly, so I’m thrilled to be writing about a victory this morning.  The bad news from the Tuesday night scoreboard is that both the Rangers and the worst-franchise-in-all-of-sports were both victorious, with the Flyers getting by Chicago in overtime.  I seem to remember a game where the Blackhawks won in overtime at Philly.  Don’t remember that?  HERE’S EVIDENCE OF IT.  If you’re a Flyers fan, you deserve to watch that again you rat fink.

We’ll be giving away NCAA tournament teams during today’s edition of The D&L Window Tinting Morning Reaction, so when you get one of MY Final Four entries, you know you’re in really good shape.  I’m going with Florida, Michigan State, Duke and Wisconsin in my Final Four, with Michigan State beating Wisconsin in the final.  And, honestly, I don’t think Duke’s going to the Final Four.  I just figure it like this — if the Blue Devils get eliminated in the second or third round like I assume they will, I’ll revel in that loss with the rest of the country.  If they somehow luck out and get to the Final Four, I’ll be the guy here saying “I told you so”.  It’s a neat trick.

Disappointed (but not surprised) to see Tiger Woods withdraw from this week’s Bay Hill Classic in Orlando due to back issues, but there’s no sense in going there and pushing it with the Masters three weeks away.  Then again, he hasn’t won at Augusta since 2005, so there’s no reason at all to think he’s going there next month and winning.  The saddest part is that Arnold Palmer’s event at Bay Hill is usually worth watching just to see how Tiger is going to pull off another victory there (8-time winner).  Now, with Woods out of the event, it becomes an afterthought unless it’s raining where you live and you’re stuck inside with nothing else to watch.  Say what you will about Woods and whether or not you care for him, personally, but any event he plays in has an interest level of ten and any event he doesn’t play in has an interest level of three.

Not sure if you saw this or not, but if you didn’t, it’s worth one minute of checking it out.  THIS RIGHT HERE happened in last Saturday’s America East Championship game between Albany and Stony Brook.  And, no, it’s not a skit.  That’s a real mascot fight.  While the game was going on.  Hilarious…