Edsall believes Terps improving during Spring

April 02, 2013 | WNST Staff

Head Coach Randy Edsall


Opening statement:

“I thought that was our best practice of the spring. I thought they really came out focused today. They were energized. They were coachable and really tried to do the things the coaches asked them to do. We talked after the scrimmage about some things that happened in the scrimmage, and it was good they took the coaching. We just wanted to do some things at the end, like have a third-down period, just make it competitive, even though we were in a thud situation. Today was good. I thought we got a lot accomplished and they did a good job. We’ve learned a lot from that scrimmage, we told them some things and they came out and responded.”


On last Saturday’s scrimmage:

“There were good things that happened on both sides of the ball. The first play, it probably would have been a sack, but offensively we had a couple big plays in the first 14 plays and then we didn’t get anything until play 70. Defensively, we did some good things in there, but as we got further on in the scrimmage, there were those long touchdown plays. There were good things, but there were too many things that were inconsistent to sit there and say hey, you really feel good coming out of the scrimmage.”


On linebacker Cole Farrand:

“They’re letting him do more now. He’s out here doing the team plays; I don’t know if he’ll be doing any scrimmaging. He’s probably about where we thought he would be. We weren’t sure if we’d get him much during the spring, if we were going to get him at all, on any kind of scrimmage work. Any rep he can get is an advantage.”


On wide receiver Amba Etta:

“Amba’s getting better. I though Amba started off really well and then I thought he hit a bit of plateau. I started seeing him do some things in the last two or three practices to get back to where he was when we started the spring. He’s got ability and talent, and we’ve got to get him a little bit stronger. He’s a guy that I know is going to get better. It’s important to him and he wants to be good. He’s going to get better.”


On linebacker Marcus Whitfield:

“Marcus is stronger. He has a good feel for what we want out of him and what we’re going to try and do with him defensively. When you rush the passer, he can get in the throwing lanes and it’s about getting your hands up at the right time. He’s been impressive from that standpoint; he’s knocked a lot of balls down.”



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