Edsall gives nod to Craddock as Maryland kicker

August 15, 2013 | WNST Staff

Head Coach Randy Edsall


On the competition at right tackle and position battles:

“I think by the end of the weekend, we’ll be pretty much set with what we’re going to do there, and with the quarterback position as well. We’ve still got to decide how the safety position is going to play out. Really, those are the three positions. I thought Brad [Craddock] had a really good day today. He was really good last night when he kicked. I think he’s back in the groove. Adam Greene had a really strong day, but I think Brad’s the guy.”


On the No.2 quarterback position:

“I think you’re starting to see some separation there a little bit. I want to wait until after the scrimmage and see what goes on there. We still have practicetomorrow and the scrimmage. I think I’m closer to knowing who’s two, three and four, but again, I’m just going to let that play out on Saturday. They’re all three still fighting it out.


“It’s going to be who fits the offense best for us. We’ve got C.J. [Brown], and hopefully we won’t have to use a No. 2. That’s what my hope is. We’ve got to find who can be the best at running and throwing, just like C.J. C.J. can run the ball, C.J. can throw the ball and can give you a lot of different options in there you can do with him. He’s had a great camp.


“I want to find the next guy, if he has to come in, where we don’t have to change the game plan. I’m looking for the guy who can do both. That’s what we want out of our quarterbacks at Maryland. We want a guy who can throw the ball, but who can also make some plays with his legs as well.”


On Sal Conaboy separating himself at center

“Sal’s just played well. I think he took the bull by the horns. He got stronger over the summer. He’s really good with his checks and making the calls for the offensive line. I think he kind of separated himself from Evan [Mulrooney] based on the hard work, not that Even didn’t work hard, but Sal probably did a little bit more. He’s out here executing and doing the things that allowed him to be the starter.”


On the improvement of the defensive line and linebackers throughout camp:

“I think they’ve gotten better. They’re working hard. What they’ve got to do is understand that they’ve got to do a good job of executing the fundamentals and technique. We’re going to rotate probably six defensive linemen at least. I think one thing is that we have experience and depth at the linebacker position.  Maybe the backups don’t have the experience, but they have athletic ability and can run. I think Cole’s [Farrand] doing a good job of being a leader out there and making calls. I think L.A. [Goree] has improved over what he was and I think Matt Robinson is playing well, real well. I think he’s separated himself. Yannick Cudjoe-Virgil, Marcus [Whitfield]… those two guys will play. It’s exciting because it’s nice to have a bunch of depth and a bunch of athletes that can run. We’ve got to keep them executing the techniques and doing the things we want them to do. Defensively, I think we’ve got some pretty good speed and some pretty good depth.”


On how he will handle backup quarterback reps in the scrimmage:

“I haven’t really sat down with the offensive staff and talked about that yet; just kind of taking it one day at a time. We’ll evaluate each practice to see where we kind of feel they stand and then tomorrow we’ll let them know how we’re going to try to handle it. You hope to try and get them all equal reps, but we’ll see how that all shakes out in terms of the evaluation of today and into Saturday.”


On Amba Etta:

“I thought he did some better things today. He kind of hit a wall during camp, but it was good to see him today. He’s got a tremendous opportunity there. We’ve moved Levern [Jacobs] over to X as well, to take a look at him there. Amba’s just got to keep working and being consistent.”


On Ryan Doyle:

“I think he’s gotten stronger. I think he’s better with his technique. He understands his assignments better and he’s playing a little more consistent than he has been so far.”


On Ricardo Young:

“I think Ricardo is a bit of his own worst enemy at times. He does some good things, but then he does some things you just kind of scratch your head I say, where did that come from. He’s athletic and can make something out of nothing. He’s got a good arm, but again, it’s the consistency factor.”


On Jeremiah Johnson and Dexter McDougle:

“Those two guys have been around. They’re savvy. They want to work. When you get a chance to go against Stefon [Diggs], Nigel [King] and Deon [Long], before he was out, and even Amba [Etta] and Levern [Jacobs], you’ve got pretty good competition. They’ve been solid. They’re good leaders and have been vocal on defense, and I think veterans should be. They should be vocal, they should be leaders and they should go out there and be productive, which both of those guys have been.”