Edsall happy with Terps’ enthusiasm in Spring practice

March 02, 2013 | WNST Staff

Head Coach Randy Edsall

Opening Statement:

“I thought they really tried hard today. I thought the effort was good. I was pleased with the approach that they came out here with and there was enthusiasm, so I was pleased with that. The one thing I just told the players was just that we’ve got to get a lot better. You could tell it was the first day. We’ve got to finish better; we’ve got to focus on the little things better. We’ll expect a big jump in terms of the fundamentals and the techniques in terms of doing all those little things.”


On Ricardo Young:

“I thought he did some good things. A lot of things he didn’t do well but again, it’s good for him to get out here. He showed good command of the offense. So many technical and so many little things for him to work on, and you can see that he’s kind of been away from it for a little bit. You can see the natural athleticism that he has. The thing that we have to get Ricardo to understand is, yes, he’s a very gifted athlete, but he’s got to learn to do the things technically the right way. He can’t just go back there and rely just on his athletic ability. If he doesn’t get the depth on his drops, then the timing on the passing game is not going to be there. If he’s not making the correct read or using the right footwork in terms of the run game it’s not going to time up.”


On who stood out:

“It’s hard to [judge] today. I don’t think Deon [Long], Will [Likely ]or Silvano [Altamirano] looked out of place. You saw them out there doing things and making plays. Again, I’ll reserve judgment and comments until practice four when they get the pads on.  The one thing I’ve been pleased with is how these guys have worked really hard in the five weeks; we made significant gains from a strength stand points in the five weeks of winter conditioning. Now we’ve got to carry that strength over to what they’re doing on the field.  Now we’re into the second phase with spring ball, but I was pleased with what they did in the winter and now we’ve got to have the same kind of intensity and the same type of production in spring ball.”


On the tight ends:

“I think it’s good that Dave [Stinebaugh] is finally healthy. He’s a guy that we feel like is going to be a blocker for us. Daniel [Adams] is kind of that hybrid type guy that is halfway between a tight end and a wide receiver. Again, we’ve got to go through the spring and see what he’s going to give us to see if we can create a package to get him in the ball game. That’s what we’re going to do this spring; find out what they can do and then find what type of package we can use to make them for effective.”


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