Edsall impressed by younger WR Jacobs

March 02, 2014 | WNST Staff



On today’s practice:

“I thought that today was better than yesterday. I thought our guys really did a good job of taking a look at yesterday’s film and then coming out here today and performing better than we did yesterday. So all in all I thought it was pretty good. We kind of repped the same things, added a couple of new things, but for the most part, like I said, I thought we had a good day and built upon yesterday.”


On who stood out during practice:

“It is always hard when you don’t have the pads on to see. My whole thing is – I am looking more for guys to see what everyone is doing, especially your younger guys. Your older guys who have experience, you expect them to get better, but I am really looking at the young guys to see how quickly they can pick things up, adjust and play at the level and the speed that you have to play at in order to be a contributor.”


On Taivon Jacobs:

“He is exactly what we thought he was. He is very fast, very quick, very competitive. He is one of the best competitors that we have on our football team. He is a leader for a freshman and we have been pleased with what we have seen so far. He just has to keep improving and getting better.”


On Alvin Hill:

“I don’t think it is what he has done in these practices; I think it is the work that he has put in since last year and since the end of the season. You can take a look at his body and he has changed his body. Not that it was bad before, but he is stronger. He is more knowledgeable of what is going on. He has really done some good things. It is not surprising because I have seen Alvin working out, doing stuff on his own. I have seen him in the film room. When you put in that time, when you put in the effort and you put in the work it shows up here on the field and that is exactly what he has done.”


On what Shane Cockerille needs to improve on:

“For these young kids it is a process. It is a process of coming out here each day and getting better, improving upon the things that you have been taught the day before, picking the things up that you are being taught that day. It is a matter of doing what they are told to do and that is the big thing. If they continue to do that, which he is going to work at it and he will do. He was better today. He just has to understand that this just a whole different level than it was in high school. We expect him to come along and progress very well.”



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