Edsall Must Change On Field And Off In Maryland Future

December 01, 2011 | Glenn Clark


Jacobs rightfully pointed out in that January column that Edsall had never defeated a team that finished the season ranked in the Associated Press Top 25 poll, and had recorded just one victory over a team that was even ranked at the time in the AP poll.

As Jacobs pointed out this week, Maryland (and Maryland fans) should have known what they were getting when Edsall arrived.

It probably makes Kevin Anderson’s claims that Edsall was the coach to take Maryland from “good to great” seem more and more ridiculous.

This is where the University and the head coach find themselves.

The University of Maryland has a major problem when it comes to winning games, generating interest and selling tickets.

The face of the program, the man most responsible for solving the program’s problems is Edsall-who has done little to nothing since being hired almost a year ago.

DE David Mackall has already left the program. RB DJ Adams wasn’t far behind him. Players I’ve spoken to this week (who all asked not to be named) gave me the idea the rumors of a “player mutiny” this offseason were probably exaggerated, but there are likely to be more players who will leave after the initial duo.

Maryland has to move forward with Randy Edsall. Randy Edsall has to make sure his team improves on the field and more interest in generated in the Baltimore and Washington, DC markets.

There’s really only one way to do this.

The good news is that the solution is really quite simple. Randy Edsall needs to apologize.

There’s a number of ways Edsall could do this. He could use a single media outlet like WNST.net, the Baltimore Sun, the Washington Post, the Washington Times, or Comcast SportsNet. He could have the Media Relations department at the school call a press conference and (for a change) fully answer questions. He could simply send a mass email to the school’s mailing list or issue a statement via their UMTerps.com website.

But the statement must be very clear.

The statement must say “I’m sorry. I’ve been disrespectful to you as an alumni base, a student body and a fanbase. You’re entirely too intelligent for me to continue to tell you that everything has been okay here. This has not been okay at all.”

Edsall doesn’t just need to offer an apology however. He also needs to make a statement about the future of the program.

“Everyone involved with the football program is dedicated to changing what has transpired since my arrival. We will spend every waking moment seeing to it that we put in the work necessary to get the job done.”

Words won’t be enough for Randy Edsall moving forward. This is the same coach that launched into a laughable “In a Randy Edsall coached football team, there ain’t never going to be any quit” tirade after his team’s narrow defeat at the hands of West Virginia much before anyone realized how disastrous the season would be.

Words simply aren’t enough, but they are at least a start. Edsall needs to use the right ones moving forward, as he has endeared himself to few since arriving in the area.

Players I’ve spoken to this week give hope to the idea that Edsall’s message hasn’t become quickly stale. Some have suggested frustration with Edsall’s rules during the season (“What does wearing hats have to do with winning football games?” one asked me), but others have given me every reason to believe players will take accountability for their own failures during the season and can succeed moving forward even with rules that appear to be militant to others.

Edsall can absolutely become a winning coach at the University of Maryland. Whether or not he’ll ever be able to reach “great” heights-or even regularly sell suites at Capital One Field at Byrd Stadium is an absolute unknown. He’s never accomplished such goals anywhere during his career-despite his own declarations.

I think I can stress the point I want to make in one simple sentence.

Randy Edsall needs to erase the “jackass” from the way he handles his job as the head football coach at Maryland.

There will be a number of things that will need to be done after that, but this unquestionably must be first.


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  1. unitastoberry Says:

    Heres my reality check. Maryland football has not won a national championship since 1953.I dont think thats going to change anytime soon because Jerry Claiborne,Bobby Ross, and Ralph Friedgen couldnt get it done and Mr Edsall is not the second coming of Jim Tatum.

  2. Dave fromAbingdon Says:

    If the “student”-atheletes want to leave because Coach Edsall is “too tough” then let them go join a powder puff or a longerie league where they will be more comfortable. I had the good fortune of not only meeting Mr. Edsall at the Babe Ruth Birthday bash, but also speaking with him for a good 5 minutes 1-on-1 and came away extremely comfortable that within three years we will have a football program in the elite class of NCAA football. He well knows that the ACC is not UConn style football, not by any stretch of one’s imagination. Give the man time to get rid of the gang members from Frig’s era and recruit his style of player. That is right, I did say gang members. Go look at the team picture of the 2009 squad and the gang-signing. Enough said.

  3. Justafan Says:

    There is a saying that if something is not broke, don’t fix it. UM’s new Administration, from the President, the AD and the football coach “fixed it”, now it is broke. The nucleus of a promising young football team which finished 9-4 in 2010 either bailed out or were forced to leave and are in the process of transferring to other schools. It kind of reminds one of Bob Irsay, doesn’t it?

  4. The "Armchair QB" Says:

    Much of what you say is true. However, Edsall’s actions and words speak volumes about his leadership ability more than his coaching ability. And, don’t overlook the ingominious manner in which he communicated his decision to leave UConn to HIS players! This program needs a quality, high profile football coach and unless or until they get one, they will continue to languish in virtual abscurity, except for their ridiculous uniforms! Frankly, if they believe they made a mistake and if there is someone better waiting in the wings, they would be well advised to cut their losses and move on, ’cause they really can’t afford to “reprent at leisure”!

  5. David Says:

    Justafan hit the nail on the head. Anderson gets what he deserves. The football program was not broke and he essentially paid for two football coaches this year (1 to coach at Maryland and 1 to sit at home and laugh out loud). Now, we hear the rest of the Maryland sports program is going to have to suffer for these poor financial and administrative decisions. Sad times and I am ashamed of my alma mater. How soon can we get rid of Anderson?

  6. rich Says:

    @David: the financial situation MD is in can’t be laid solely on Anderson.

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